Is It Any Good?

Seafood and Fried Chicken Sandwiches on the Westside.

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You know what I’ve never ever done before? Eat with food bloggers.

Yep. Totally new experience for me.

Was it hip? Was it happenin’? Was it just downright cool hanging with one’s colleagues in the biz?

Absolutely. My fellow Food Bloggers are a friendly and mellow bunch. They’re the best kind of dining companions. They know what they’re doing. They want to enjoy what they have, share what they know and basically just kick back and have a good time. So it was a good lunch. Fun times had by all.

So, who was I with? I got a chance to meet the minds behind Let’s Eat with Alicia, The Tasting Page, The Actor’s Diet, as well as Noted Urbanspooner Freedml, and…of course, the CEO of Urbanspoon herself, our host for the afternoon, Keela Robinson.

So, a wonderful time had by all.  Good eats while making new friends.

Here’s the thing I keep forgetting. Food Bloggers take pictures of their food.

Yes, we were actually passing around dishes so that everyone could take a snap of them.

Yeah, sure. I’m just as guilty, but most times I just forget. I just want to dive into that grub, get in that first tasty mouthful, that first splash of flavor.

Then, about three chomps in, then I realize. “Oh, yeah. Probably should’ve taken a picture.”

What are you gonna do?

So, we decided to have this lunch at Son of a Gun, one of The Actor’s Diet’s favorites. What can I say, she picked well. Son of a Gun is a Seafood place located on the Westside near the Beverly Center.

First things first…you’ve got to find the place. Yeah, it kinda blends in with the other Boutiques and Shops, especially since it’s storefront is painted all black and there’s only a sign on the sidewalk for advertising. (Strange, both Union and The Hungry Cat also don’t seem to like to announce their presence either. Don’t tell me this is some new trend in restaurants. Trust me, customers want to find you. I don’t know how much of a mood they’re in for a “Where’s Waldo” challenge when they’re hungry.)

But Son of a Gun is very nice. It’s comfortable.  It’s causal…and I likes me some causal when it comes to my dining choices.

True, it’s got a bit of a, maybe-sort-kinda hackneyed super-overly-natutical theme going on, but it seems to be part of the fun.

Putting a Captain’s hat on a stuffed and mounted Reindeer…see?  That’s fun! The furniture and decor is all going for the kind of place you’d find on the East Coast, particularly New England. All that was missing were the portholes.

But they do know how to fry themselves up some good eats. Literally, everything that came out of that kitchen was cooked to golden brown perfection. You wanted whatever it was that was coming out of that kitchen. No matter what those nuggets of Fryalator gold were going to do to your thighs. No matter if you had a seafood allergy or not…

Oh, yeah…have I mentioned I have a seafood allergy? Figure its come up once or twice. Makes it awfully inconvenient to be born and raised in the great seafood state of Maryland.

Still, Landlubbers like myself have always found a way to navigate Seafood places like this, and Son of a Gun was no exception. They served a Fried Chicken sandwich that our Waiter claimed was “the best Chicken Sandwich in town”.

Hmmm. I don’t know if it is, but I’m sure going to enjoy finding out.


WHAT SHOULD I GET?: That Fried Chicken Sandwich was a sandwich and a half. The Actor’s Diet warned us it was good, but you needed to unhinge your jaw like an Anaconda.

Boy, was she right.

Still it was good, damn good, real good. It’s a mammoth sized sandwich, with a big, big hunk of Fried Chicken, various pickles, sauce and a jalapeño or two, served on what appeared to be two flying saucers-sized Brioche buns. It was a meal in and of itself.

Was it the best in Los Angeles?

Well, let’s just say, I’m putting in the conversation. Further research required.

I also ordered the Chips and Dip. This is a nice little appetizer, also…nowhere in the neighborhood of slimming and healthy, but…who cares right? It’s house made Potato Chips sprinkled with salt and black pepper; served with a Pimento Cheese dipping sauce. Really, really good. Son of a Gun could bottle the sauce, and I’d buy it.

…and…probably lick the lid.

Though I wouldn’t do that in front of my fellow bloggers. I have some pride left…somewhere. Besides, what would my Food Blogging colleagues ever think of me?

So, like I said, I took a LOT of pictures of what we were eating this fine day, so…enjoy!

This is the Fried Chicken Sandwich I had.

Urbanspoon 10


And the Chips & Dip:

Urbanspoon 2


This is the Shrimp Toast:

Urbanspoon 5


This is the Heirloom Tomato Salad:

Urbanspoon 9


And these are Son of a Gun’s version of Fish & Chips:

Urbanspoon 13


IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP, PEOPLE: Finding it. That’s going to be your biggest task. There is a restaurant called Son of a Gun. It actually exists in a faraway land known as the Westside. It’s just not the most obvious place on the block. There is a Valet stand there, but heck even Let’s Eat With Alicia had a hard time finding it (and like me, she’s a professional!). So, to give you an idea of what you’re looking for, I’m going to leave this here so you can take note of it:

Urbanspoon 15



PARKING: C’mon. You’re on the Westside. Parking on 3rd Street itself just ain’t happening. And if you manage to find yourself a place on 3rd Street, count yourself lucky. So lucky, that I think you should be buying my California Lotto tickets from here on out.

I managed to find street parking a full block away in the residential area behind 3rd Street. I believe it was on West 1st Street. But your safest bet is to get around to the Valet Stand, pay the $6 bucks and let them worry about it.


Son of a Gun
8730 W. 3rd St.
Los Angeles, CA 90048

Tel: (323) 782-9033

Monday-Friday: 11:30 am – 2:30 pm
Sunday-Thursday: 6:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Friday-Saturday: 6:00 pm – 12:00 am