Is It Any Good?

Fluffy, delicious steamed bread Tacos coming soon to a neighborhood near you…or LACMA.

I’m not sure what to do about all the Roy Choi copycats that are out there. Do you?

Wait? What was that again?

You’re not being fair.

How am I not being fair?

Just because they’re an Asian themed Food Truck with some manner of combination between Mexican and Asian cuisines, doesn’t mean they’re ripping off Roy Choi.

Okay, what should I do then?

Well, if I were you…I’d shut up and eat the food.

Uhhh, okay. There’s a truck over there? Wanna hit it?

Works for me.

Okay, after that imaginary detour, maybe its time that I just concrete on what’s being served to me, and not worry about who cooked what where?

Plus, this isn’t even a Roy Choi thing we’re talking about. I’ve seen little Asian inspired tacos made with Steamed Bread all over town for a while now. The first place I had ‘em was a restaurant called Beacon in Culver City. They were fabulous, and so was the restaurant. I’m still mad it didn’t last longer. I’ve also had them at my new fave, the Flying Pig Cafe in Little Tokyo. They make theirs with Pork Belly.

Turns out, so does the Steamy Bun Truck.

I’m one of those people who believes that as long as we all live in Los Angeles, with it’s unique mixture of Mexican, Asian, Armenian, Russian, Persian, Black, White and what have you, we may as well celebrate and enjoy all the fusions of those cuisines…when they work.

Yes, Dad (he reads this blog and hates all mention of the word fusion…I said when they work.)

The Steamed Bun Taco is…overall, a damn fine idea, and Steamy Bun Truck does them well.

I still love me some Flying Pig Cafe, but I have decided that when not trying to review all the other trucks along Wilshire outside LACMA, I’m going to go back to Steamy Bun Truck.

Now, Steamed Bread is a Chinese thing. More importantly, it’s Chinese thing that translates very well across a wide spectrum of foods. You will see a lot of it at Dim Sum. It’s light, fluffy, airy…just a bit creamy (if you think about it that way…Lord knows I do), and just the barest hint of sweetness.

Hell, why not make Tacos out of them?

Now, the trick for places like Steamy Bun Truck is how well you do the meats, and what variety you offer them. Steamy Bun Truck has a nice wide variety of various preparations, but things still boil down to Pork, Beef, and Chicken. Yes, there are some vegetarian options, but I stopped listening at Pork.


WHAT SHOULD I GET?: My first go ’round involved, surprisingly enough, Pork Belly, better known to you as Bacon.

Now, if you have a food allergy like I do, the Pork Belly comes with crushed, sugared peanuts.  I asked them to hold them, and the rest of the meal was fine.

Aside from that, there are a lot of other options you can talk me into. Cha Siu Pork looks good, so does the Pancake Beef Curry. They even have Dim Sum Style Egg Tarts, which…I gotta admit, I don’t know how good they’re going to be, but…I’d still take a chance on.


IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP, PEOPLE: Nothing out of the ordinary, but it is a Food Truck. I think it’s usually better and safer to use Cash at Food Trucks, if only to avoid what is a fairly typical .50 cent iPad surcharge the Banks are sticking them with.


PARKING: Of course, this being a food truck, your parking locations are going to vary.


Like I said, the location varies as it is a Food Truck. The Steamy Bun Truck’s schedule can be found here.