Is It Any Good?

I’m afraid the rumors are true, you can get yourself a bowl of Pho in Little Tokyo.

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There are certain foods in existence that no matter how hard you try, no matter how incompetently you work, you really can’t screw up.

Pizza is one. You’d think Barbecue would be the other, but you’d be wrong. You can really, really, screw up Barbecue. Believe me, I know.V33- 080

Believe it or not, Pho comes close.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve actually had weak sauce “meh” Pho before, and the Pho Shop doesn’t really fall into this category. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had better, but this is a Blog that grades for good effort, for not screwing a good thing up. The Pho Shop does not screw a good thing up.

It’s tucked away in a corner, a far corner of the Little Tokyo Market complex. It’s down on the ground level, right next to the Grocery Store, so you can be forgiven if you miss it.

Still, it’s almost a twitter sized review. It’s a shop that sells Pho, and a few other Chinese items (stick with the Vietnamese), and the Pho itself is pretty good. Not the best I’ve ever had (that distinction still belongs to Glendale Pho Company), but I’d come back here again, if my taste buds pointed in that direction, I’d come here again.


WHAT SHOULD I GET?: I’m sure it’s going to come as a shock to absolutely no one that I’m recommending you get the Pho at a place called The Pho Shop.V33- 079

I know. What can I say?

I got their Pho Chin, the Brisket Pho, and I have to say, the Pho Soup had a good Broth. They had good noodles, but they gave me very good cuts of Brisket. So let that be a feather in their cap.

On top of that, I also got ahold of their Fried Egg Rolls, at least that’s what I think they’re called. They don’t have a website, so it makes it kinda hard to know. They were all right, so…there’s that at least.

But I will say, the Egg Rolls…were made with Beef.  That’s new.  Haven’t had that before.


IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP, PEOPLE: It’s small, cozy but there are restrooms available. And if you do go looking, be prepared because it’s a bit of a maze back. Be patient, ask questions and you’ll find it easy enough.

Oh, and there’s not much of a website, so I’ve had to post their…well…seldom used Google Page instead.


PARKING: Plentiful enough. The Little Tokyo…Market is a mall, and this mall has a paid Parking Structure attached with plenty of spaces. You may have to go up a bit to find a space, but you’ll find one. Level three has the access-way to the top floor of the mall. Bear in mind, this is still Downtown we’re talking about so Parking is pricey. The best way to avoid that is to buy something in the shops, after that, you’ll get your validation and the price will come down a lot.


The Pho Shop
333 S. Alameda St, Ste 125
Los Angeles, CA 90013

Tel: (213) 617-8533

Monday-Sunday: 10:00 pm – 9:00 pm