Is It Any Good?

Fun times for all, especially if you’re looking for a Caterer or Catering Services.

Oh, what the hell do I know?

I’d been hearing about the Crave Expo for months. I wasn’t quite sure what it was going to be at first. I knew it was going to involve food, and…well, I like food.

As we closed in on the date, I found out it was going to be an event highlighting Caterers, and then I started to get nervous. I mean, we don’t exactly do caterers here at Is It Any Good.

But I was invited. So, you go right? You’ve been invited, and you check it out, even if it may not be your thing.

Turns out it was mostly my kind of thing.

Crave Expo 2014 2

The Crave Expo, just on an experience/enjoyment level was actually not bad. It was held in a small Party Venue called The Mark on Pico. You get there, pay your admission, and basically go to work sampling various wares. No one’s serving you a complete lunch or anything, but…then again…should you gland try everyone’s sample bites, you will leave quite full.

There was a healthy of mix of types and styles, and a nice mix of styles and cultures. A Vegetarian could easily wander through and find some things to nosh on. There was Korean (in the form of Banchan Ala Carte). You had an African-American Artisanal Chocolatier in the form of Lovesome of Long Beach. There was really good Mediterranean in the form of Open Sesame with a location on Beverly near the The Grove. You even had…and I kid you not…Polish in the form of Polka Restaurant near Glendale and Eagle Rock.

Their Pirogi’s weren’t bad at all.

Granted, this is a Caterer-centered event, so people are really shopping for…well, Catering Services for Parties, Wedding and the like. And a Straight Guy unaccompanied by Female companionship, I had to get past the whole…Sex And The City vibe the event had.  (Then again, that may have been more The Mark, than anything else.  And the ladies in attendance seem to like it.)

It may have been all the table with the glowing blue lights, as well as the Hairdressing/Styling station off in the corner. It may have been the fact that the assembled audience was 80% or 90% female. (Never a bad thing in my book).

And true, I may have traumatized by a prior relationship with a woman who was into that damn show. But still… food (as I mentioned) and drink, with a full on Cocktail sampling and tasting going on. There was even some live music to power the event. You’ll be fine.

This was the first year of the Crave Expo, and the event planners have their sights set on bigger and better next year. This is definitely an event you should try out in the future, whether you’re actually looking for Catering Services or just want to hang out and try stuff.

Crave Expo 2014 3

Price of Admission was $20 bucks to get in, unless you have representation from a Wedding Coordinator.

NOTE: This event is over for his year, but will be back in 2015.


IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP, PEOPLE: I will say this..and is a bit of weird thing to be saying, especially having had as a good and unexpected a time as I had at Crave Expo…but Trash Cans…were a bit hard to find.

Yeah, that’s it. That’s my “major” criticism of the event. Trash cans were a bit hard to find. I think I saw three…and I’m pretty sure there were more.

So I’m not saying Crave didn’t provide enough Trash Cans…I’m just saying they weren’t necessarily placed in obvious locations. I found one near the exit and just used it.


PARKING: I’m going to write this like The Mark is going to be the spot for next year’s Crave Expo, which it may or may not, but…there was Valet Service at the Mark, but I didn’t get a good grip on the price.


Crave Expo 2014
The Mark
9320 W. Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90035

Event Hours: 2:00pm – 6:00pm