Is It Any Good?

Back in Downtown L.A. for 2014.Last week was the annual L.A. Art Show.

The basic review of the L.A. Art Show still is valid, but there were a couple of new, interesting notes for this year’s model.

It’s hard to say how I feel when I walk through what’s here at the L.A. Art Show, and we’re just talking about what’s been put on display. The people who run the Show do fine job. If anything they’ve made the facility even more comfortable, as there are far more dining and drinking options scattered throughout the show.

The Art on the other hand, is another matter.

Don’t get me wrong. The Gallery offerings have a polish and a skill that I don’t see on other Art Walks/Art Displays. You look around and everything is damn good.

It still just leaves me a bit cold is all.

One of the advantages I have, as a fan of the old Dutch Masters and the Impressionists, is that I know their stories. I know their personal histories. So when I look at a painting of theirs, it’s easy for me to put it into the context of their lives. You come into a new Art show like this, or the Downtown Art Walk…well, what context like that do I have to build on. Maybe, rarely, you get a chance to talk to the artist, and maybe, just rarely, you can snap what they do into some kind of context for their lives. But when you don’t have that to lean on? All you got is a lot of pretty pictures, with very high price tags.

$10,000 for that? Hell, I can do that myself.

Still, it wasn’t all bad. Someone thought it was a bright idea to stagger smaller drinking kiosks throughout the show, not just in the designated eating area.


No serious, this show be an enjoyable affair for the people shelling out their money to get in here. Selling wine along the way just adds to the good time.

Now, for the let downs.

For a moment, I was excited for a moment. At the far corner of this show, was this fabolous display for the “Van Gogh Museum” in Amsterdam. I both through the display, and it seems they’ve got some really good, really first rate Van Goghs on display.

I mean, I love Van Gogh, but…these…seem…off…for…

Is this just me? Why don’t these paintings feel right. And what’s with the number? 65 out of 260-whatever.

Ooooh, they’re not Van Goghs. They’re…technological reprints.

They say they’re using some kind of “Groundbreaking Fujifilm techology and the highest level of craftsmanship”…but of course, what kind of cratfsmanship would you expect when they’re selling you legal copies of these classic works of art?

But the point is they’re fakes. They’re not original Van Goghs. Van Gogh didn’t stand in front of that canvas and create a masterpiece or a lesser masterpiece. A Fijifilm printer did.

Which is kinda the story in a nutshell of the L.A. Art Show. You get these kinds of ups and downs as you wander through and take it all in.


IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP, PEOPLE: Just remember the main rule, no photography, and you should be okay. Although, it doesn’t seem like anyone’s going to stop you.


PARKING: The one thing I’d say is pay attention to whereever this Show is held, in what hall of the L.A. Convention Center, and pay the $12 to park there. It’s just easier. We have provided a L.A. Live Parking Map, but…trust me, stick to the Convention Center.


L.A. Art Show (at the Los Angeles Convention Center)
1201 S Figueroa St.
Los Angeles, CA 90015