One of the benefits of my unfortunate time off is thy I’ve had a lot more time to visit stuff and try stuff out. It’s been fun. Now gotten to see a lot more of the city that word have otherwise.

I’ve actually been to the Getty Center three times. Three. I almost think I know the rules as well as the guards.


I was asked to take off my backpack and check it for the first time ever at the Getty Center and it made the visit and unpleasant one. I was told by a guard, as well as one of the coat-check girls that this has always been the rule.

The Crime of Backpacks No. 2

Oh really?
I’ve even went to the recent Turner exhibit two times, both times carrying a backpack into the exhibit. And I didn’t take a single photograph in the exhibit, since those are the the rules.

I want to respect the rules, I’m just having a hard time keeping track of them.

The Crime of Backpacks No. 8

Being asked forced to carry my camera alone and exposed to the world is one thing when I’m asked to in advance and I know it’s coming, like at the Norton Simon. I don’t like it there either, but at least I know it’s coming. The Huntington Library and Gardens actually has you wear your backpack in front of you in certain galleries. Equally dumb and coming from the same dumb place.

That place is? Well, someone at the Getty must’ve backed into an exhibit with their backpack and now we’re all paying for their idiotic mistake.

The Crime of Backpacks No. 1

I keep telling you folks…y’all have forgotten how to behave in Museums.

Anyway strolling the campus after being made to check my Backpack I have counted 20…yes. 20 backpacks strolling campus.

Now I gotta wonder why, because it’s striking me as selective enforcement of their self imposed rules.

Why was I selected out of everybody to have my backpack checked?

No, I don’t care if checking my bag is free.  Enforce the rule for all, or stop enforcing it.

The Crime of Backpacks No. 5

I want to know why I don’t have access to my camera equipment and everybody else does? I want to know backpacks twice the size of mine are allowed to roam free. I want to know why the coat check girl lied to me or bullshitted me about there being a rule about this always.

I want to know why I’ve seen 20 backpacks…

The Crime of Backpacks No. 4

This is hardly the most serious of transgressions and it may not stop me from visiting the Getty Center, but it may cut down those many visits a year to just one or two. It will stop me from recommending the Getty Center so heartily in the future.While this isn’t a big deal but you only can put up with so much B.S. in a day. Especially when you have to fight like hell to get a parking space, barely manage to get in, and see all manner of people doing something you aren’t allowed to do.

The Crime of Backpacks No. 9

There is a solution of course, and I’d like to think it’s decently low cost. I suggest the Getty Center do what the Huntington has done, and provide lockers for backpacks at the entrance of each Pavilion. That way, Visitors can have their backpack out on the grounds, where most of the pictures will be taken, and they can be safely packed away before entering a gallery. This is also a good way to make sure people don’t have access to their cameras if there is a legal restriction on photographing art (something that Museum vistors do that even annoys me.)

But this?  This has got to stop.