Ah, Food blogging.  A lonely business at times.  You wander around town.  You have great meals.  You see spectacular parts of the city…

Hey, I said it was lonely…at times.  Never said it sucked.

Still, one needs friends in the Food Blogging game.  Thus, we’d like to introduce the new kid on the block, SawtelleJapantown.


SawtelleJapantown will be covering everything going on in, yes, SawtelleJapantown in West Los Angeles.  Stores, Restaurants, Food, Culture, what have you.  Posts will be done in English as well as Japanese, so newcomers from across the pond or right here at home can get a taste of what this exciting part of town has to offer.

Is It Any Good will contributing reviews and features regularly to SawtelleJapantown, so be sure to visit as often as you can.  Also be sure to “Like” SawtelleJapantown on Facebook and “Follow” SawtelleJapantown on Twitter!

SawtelleJapantown: The Ins and Outs of the West L.A. Community.