The Is It Any Good Website has undergone a mammoth amount of changes in the last couple of months. We’ve started running ads on the site. We’ve changed the template, and there are a few more tweaks and changes we might make in the coming days.

But of course, this level of upheaval does come with some drawbacks. Touring the site, I’ve noticed that some things have become broken, and need fixing.

One of those things were our Photo Galleries.

Not fully sure what happened. The link to our Galleries got damaged in the transition.

Doesn’t matter, they’re fixed now..and expanded.

We’re happy to say that our Photo¬†Galleries (just use the menu tab in the blue section of the Homepage) have been repaired. The pictures are bigger, and hopefully look better, sharper and clearer than before.

So please, we worked hard on them, give them a visit. Go ahead and comment (we love hearing comments, good or ill).