It’s a shame when popular and well regarded restaurants like Mo Chica close for..well, whatever reason.  So, it’s always good to hear that plans are being made for what comes next:

Ray Garcia is on a roll. Not only is he opening Broken Spanish in the old Rivera space near Staples Center downtown, he’s also working on a spin-off taco stand to be called BS Taqueria, which will take the old Mo-Chica space on 7th Street and open as early as February.


“This project is something that has always lived in my head along with Broken Spanish,” Garcia says. “I always saw them as being in the same family, sharing DNA. BS Taqueria is the little brother that has his own personality — equally interesting, with just a little different story to tell and a different medium to tell it with, that being the taco.”


Garcia has described the Broken Spanish concept as being based on dishes his grandmother made, just given a professional chef’s polish and attention to detail. With BS Taqueria, he says he wants to emphasize what might be a little-recognized aspect of taco-making — the balance of flavors and textures.


“A perfectly made taco is like a great sandwich, it’s more than just the ingredients. More filling doesn’t make it better,” he says. “It’s working through and putting all the pieces together in the perfect way that makes it great. I want to showcase the art and the simplicity.”

You can read the rest at the Los Angeles Times.