…by shining a whole mess of daylight on the woman who yelled at them.

Can’t believe this is still a thing, but…apparently this is still a thing.

Courtesy NBC News:

It should have been a nice celebratory dinner at IHOP, but a Hispanic family got a scolding from a customer over their use of Spanish, and the video has gone viral.


A woman at the restaurant berated Norma Vazquez, of Highland Park, California, who had taken her son Carlos Steven Vazquez to dinner to celebrate his upcoming birthday.


Carlos uploaded video of the incident on Facebook and it has since gone viral with over 15 million views and almost 500,000 shares.


The woman interrupts their conversation telling Vasquez: “We speak English in America.”


Although Norma Vasquez is from El Salvador, the woman tells her to “go back to Spain.” She adds, “Spanish is from Spain. I’ve been to Spain, so I know.”


Norma Vazquez gets very emotional and shaken, as seen in the video, and tearfully responds: “I speak English. Not good, but I speak English,” also telling the woman she cleans offices and works hard and at times calling her “stupid.”

You can read the rest at NBC News.

You can see the video at Facebook by clicking here.

I feel terrible for the Vazquez, especially as a guy who walks into Chinese Restaurants all the time, and is frequently the only person not speaking either Mandarin or Cantonese inside.

Does the yelly-screamy lady think I should tell them to start speaking English…when I’m…the only…one…who…doesn’t speak…English??