Is It Any Good?

Fried Chicken…that’s actually not bad, in Glendale.

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It is a mix that only Los Angeles could provide.

Dinah’s Fried Chicken, at least the location in Glendale, has a distinctly countryfied interior. Farms, Tractors, and red and white checkerboard table clothes. It’s probably the kind of interior your Grandma and Grandpa would find “charming” and you find “hopeless”.

But what makes it distinctly Los Angeles, is that behind all these Roosters, and hens, and views of the Country, is a distinctly Latino Staff, working their butts off to make you…as it turns out…some pretty good Chicken.

Look, I’m African-American. African-American with Chinese Godparents (hopefully explaining many, many things about this Blog). The two food areas where I come down the hardest (because they are the ones I’m most familiar with) are Barbecue and Fried Chicken. I have a standard, a very high standard, and a lot of places are just not up to meeting it.

Added to the fact that historically, the people that elevated Fried Chicken to an art form are…frankly…my ancestors. Fried Chicken isn’t just breaded chicken thrown into a fryer. You have to work the spices and the flavors into the skin and oil to make it really something, and…frankly a lot of non-African-American places just…can’t…cut it that way.

Which brings me to Dinah’s.

Dinah’s shocked me.  It actually serves up some pretty tasty Fried Chicken.

It’s not the best. IThat distinction still belongs to Mom’s in Reseda, as well as the late, lamented Stevie’s Creole (what is it about Fried Chicken and the West Valley?). Here we’re talking about a B+.

Too many time, have gotten down into a piece of Fried Chicken only to discover that the dominant flavor palette was…flour.

And we all know how special Flour can taste.

I will say that Dinah’s Fried Chicken does at least believe in spice. Granted, that spice is salt, but they tried. And since I can’t go all the way out to Mom’s every time I get a hankerin’ for Fried Chicken, Dinah’s will more than do the job.


WHAT SHOULD I GET?: Needless to say. “Duh”. The only question is how many pieces are you getting. That’s a decision for you and your stomach.

I got the Three Piece selection, and it came with two sides.

Dinah's Chicken

You look at that. That’s a decent, straight ahead Fried Chicken dinner. The chicken was fried up perfectly, so as not to annihilate the chicken inside. The skin was tasty, even though they leaned more on salt instead of my personal preference, black pepper.

No, the bird was not too salty. It was tasty. Like I said, I intend to come back.

The Mashed Potatoes were good, covered in a white country gravy.

Like I said, a little bit of straight ahead Americana.


IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP, PEOPLE: Dinah’s does seem set up for more To-Go business than anything else. Big counter with a cash register up front. Big booming Menu above it. So when you walk in, you may be forgiven for thinking you walk up to the counter and placing your order there first.

I hope you’re forgiven, because that’s exactly that I did.

The service is pretty brisk all things considered. Order up, and five minutes later food apples. But yes, the are doing a good To-Go business also.


PARKING: Dinah’s sits at the edge of a pretty busy strip mall complex. There’s a laundromat down a couple of doors, so the place looks perpetually busy. But the turnover is high enough, so that there are usually one or two spaces available for you. Just be patient, and take a second lap around if needs bee.


Dinah’s Fried Chicken
4106 San Fernando Rd.
Glendale, CA 91204

Tel: (818) 244-4188

Daily: 10:30 am – 9:00 pm