Is It Any Good?

Wow, this place has expanded…even into Burbank now.

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A long time ago, I used to work at Warner Bros. in beautiful downtown Burbank.

It was an okay job. Kept me in food and shelter for the time I was there, but those days are gone now.

When I was starting out, I used to go to a nearby Taco Bell for lunch. Not because Taco Bell is good or anything (sorry Bell) but because it was cheap and close by. (There would be times I would have to cycle my lunch quickly and get back to my cubicle).

This being Burbank, it was an interesting Taco Bell. It was styled the old way, brick front to back, Spanish tile on the roof. It was cramped and cozy inside, you could barely get a dozen people inside. There were even signed pictures of Famous (or semi famous) people, some stars, all local, all having spent some time at either Warner Bros. shooting…something, or working down the block at what was the local NBC Affiliate.

You could walk in (as I did one fine afternoon) when they were shooting the abysmal Box Office failure that was the remake of the Poseidon Adventure, and see…ahead of you in line…a bunch of Gorgeous girls in top shelf evening wear.

Why? They were extras in the ballroom scene, from just before the ship flips upside down.

“So. Ladies,” I asked. “When do you drown?”

“We thought it was going to be today. But they said more likely tomorrow.”

Honest to God. That was their answer.

It was that kind of place. It was busy, it was successful…

…so of course they got rid of it.

Just driving by one day, with little warning, there was a fence around Taco Bell, the kind of fence you see when they’re about to do a serious remodeling job.

We all thought (when I was still at Warner Bros.) that they were going to make this Taco Bell, one of the most successful Taco Bells in America into one of the newer, fancier ones like we see around town now.

They did not. They sold it…to the rapidly expanding Dog Haus franchise, possibly the only franchise expanding faster than Umami (which is coincidentally) a short walk away.

You walk in, and…well…it’s a Dog Haus. You’ve been here before, only this one is…possibly the tiniest one like ever.

Its like every other Dog Haus you’ve ever been too. Step up to the counter, place thy order, take a number and find a seat.


WHAT SHOULD I GET?: The sausage combinations have stabilized since my last visit, and the use of King’s Hawaiian bread is going on strong.

I think I have settled on the Das Brat, which is your basic Bratwurst, with whole grain mustard aioli, white American Cheese, caramelized onions, and sauerkraut…on a split King’s Hawaiian roll.

The Das Brat at Dog Haus in Burbank.

The cheese remains a bit of a curveball. I mean…it really shouldn’t be there, but…it does let a creaminess to the whole affair that softens the near dessert-like quality of the King’s Hawaiian Bread.

Yeah, it’s no surprise that the King’s Hawaiian stuff has gone over like gangbusters. Because of their sweetness, they’ve not only added comfort to these comfort food classics, but they’ve made the dogs here quite the calorie crushers. And since King’s Hawaiian rolls are not meant for Hot Dog/Sausage consumption do lead to some…structural integrity issues.

Yeah. Pick it up, it’s going to fall apart on you.

Basically, you can eat them traditionally, if you’re not afraid to have your clothes dry cleaned. If you want to stay neat, look like a fool and use a fork.

The Tae Kwon Dog at Dog Haus in Burbank.

Future visits, will involve the Tae Kwon Do Dog, a Hot Dog (again on King Hawaiian Bread) with house made Kimchi, a Fried Egg, and chili powder.  It’s not that spicy, the Kimchi is more sour than spicy.  (I mean, c’mon…did Korean-Americans make it?  No they did not.).  It was okay…not that spicy, but…damn if I don’t love me a Fried Egg.


IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP, PEOPLE: Dog Haus runs like every other Dog Haus in the area, but this one…is super small. It can’t be said enough.


PARKING: This Dog Haus kept the same Parking Layout as the old Taco Bell, so…good luck there. The lot is ALWAYS packed, with maybe one or two spots available at any given time. If all else fails, you can try Kenwood or Screenland, but I’m telling you now…they’ll be tight as well.

Hope you get a space in the lot.

Dog Haus in Burbank.

Dog Haus (Burbank)
3817 W. Olive Ave.
Burbank, CA 91505

Tel: (818) 566-4287

Daily: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm