Is It Any Good?

Food from the folks at Eagle Rock Brewery in…you guessed it…Eagle Rock.

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As I sit here in Glendale, wondering if it’s 2015 yet, I decide to take a gander at my local Urbanspoon (now, soon to be my local Zomato).

The restaurant everyone seems to be talking about, the thing that’s gotten everyone’s attention is Eagle Rock Brewery Public House.

Jerry Su and his brother Ting Su have been quite busy for the last couple of years. They’ve (apparently) had their hand in places like Bouchon and Son of a Gun, and have had their hand in this venture.

I’m going to be honest with you. It’s almost too early to review this place. At the time of publication, it’s time open can be measured in weeks not months. With all new places I personally like to give them a year to get most of the bugs out the system before coming down on it too harshly. (Don’t worry, Su Brothers, that rule will apply here as well.)

It’s just that a good restaurant is so much like a ballet. Early on, things can be a little out of sorts. The Waitstaff can disappear into the kitchen for long stretches. Things, like the menu, need to be worked on. These all take time to work, and if given the time, the restaurant always works them out. Eagle Rock Brewery Public House has some of these problems. As long as the restaurant isn’t doing rude or stupid things by design, it’s all okay.

At the same time, Eagle Rock Brewery Public House has got a tremendously nice staff. It’s got a great, comfortable, casual atmosphere in which to eat. Communal seating may be a bit of a restaurant trend, but it’s a restaurant trend I like. (Communal seating lends a friendliness and easy-energy to a restaurant I like. Thanks A-Frame for – at least in my mind – starting this trend.)

Eagle Rock Brewery Public House

Eagle Rock Brewery Public House is a nice place, and it’s going to get there. There’s too much restaurant knowledge behind the scenes to let this place flat out fail. You will be comfortable. You will have a nice meal, and in a year or so, it will be ever better.


WHAT SHOULD I GET?: Ah. Small menu. We like that.

Good beers on tap, as you would expect from a Restaurant supported by a local brewery.

We did a pretty ordered meal for the first go-round at Eagle Rock Brewery Public House (and there will be more go-rounds). So I first consulted the “Share” portion of the menu, and had myself the Kale…which is a salad.. with white anchovy, egg, rice nice croutons (don’t let anybody tell you these things don’t matter, because they do), and Pantaleo cheese. Lovely flavor. Since it was close to a traditional Caesar Salad, they added anchovies to the dish, which I wasn’t ready for. Still it was really, really good. Great burst of taste from the first bite. I scarfed that salad all the way to the bottom of the plate.Eagle Rock Brewery Public House

Then I got into the Cornish Hen, which for the layman is basically a breaded Chicken. I was going to say Fried Chicken, but on further reflection it seemed more baked than fried. The Hen was okay in general. It had a seasoned crust all throughout it, though it didn’t taste all that seasoned. Nothing that you’d write home about. She was a tough bird to work through, but overall just okay.

Overall, I think the menu will upgrade over time. Give it time.



Eagle Rock Brewery Public HouseLet me explain.

First off, this is not a Sports Bar, despite all appearances to the contrary. It’s a decent, required, repurposed, hipster eating establishment.

Again, remember. This place has been open for only a matter of weeks now, so there is some squeak in the wheels. For example, for a couple of stretches there, my server vanished into the Kitchen. Now, is that my Server’s fault? Odds are, no. Something probably got mixed up in the kitchen, requiring everyone’s attention. That happens. It’s annoying as all get out, but it happens. Don’t take it out on your server but cutting their tip. It wasn’t their fault. That’s going to take some time to get rid of, but in the meantime, enjoy.


PARKING: Okay, this was the one annoying part. It’s tough as hell to park there. They don’t have their own lot. They don’t (at least during my visit) have a Valet Service…yet. But I’ve got the feeling that might change. This is pretty typical for eateries along Colorado where you might have to walk a block or so to park. Don’t be alarmed. It happened to me to, and I’d like to think I know what I’m doing, especially in Eagle Rock.


Eagle Rock Brewery Public House
1627 Colorado Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90041

Tel: (323) 739-0081

Monday: 6:00 – 11:00 pm
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday-Sunday: 6:00 – 11:00 pm