Is It Any Good?

Yes, we have high-end, Chef Prepared Burgers…in Glendale.

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It’s elegant, and cool looking. With a hip dark edge to it, and it’s in…


Yes, Glendale.

You will never ever see it coming, at least from the outside. Mostly because what you’ll see is a fancy local chocolatier, and a Liquor Store. Go too far one way, you’ll run into Skaf’s Lebanese (which we like), go too far the other, you’ll run into a Laundromat.

But in between is Eden Burger Bar.

What the hell man? How many upscale, high-end Burger places can Los Angeles afford?

At first it was the Collapse of 2008, people seeking out comfort food. Made sense. It those troubled times, we look out for Musicals and Fantasies to keep out mind off our woes, and we see those tastes and memories of childhood to keep us warm and secure.

In this case, Burgers, chef prepared burgers. Burgers with fancy stuff on ‘em.

So Eden Burger Bar, is it like Umami? Is it like Fusion?

Well, no…and now that I think about it…no.

Umami is fun. Casual. Low key, and the low key that I like and love. Fusion is kinda the upstart, the up-and-comer. The place that no one’s heard about except for the people who know, and those people love her.

Eden Burger Bar’s a bit fancier than those two. And I’m not sure how I feel about that.

I mean, you walk in through the very nice, cast-iron fancy (yeah, we’re going to be using that word at lot) doors, and you swear you’re in a club.

But a club…for Burgers.

Sitting down, things got a little more normal, a little more Umami. I look at the menu. I see lots and lots of burgers, fries and the now requisite house-made ketchup.

Okay, this I can deal with.

Get past the veneer, get past the sheen and (yes) fancy, Eden Burger Bar is a fine place. It’s a fine burger place. I’m not sure I’d throw over Umami or Fusion to put Eden Burger Bar in it’s place, but…at least I don’t have to drive that much.


WHAT SHOULD I GET?: Good news, bad news. The Burger I had, the Chorizo Burger, was pretty damn good. The patty is not made from Beef, but from…yes, Chorizo. More Pork is always good pork. It was perfectly prepared, and very tasty, topped with a Mango Salsa. It’s feels like a Burger, tastes like a Burger, with enough of an unusual flavor that made the whole thing kinda special.

The Chorizo Burger at Eden Burer Bar in Glendale. And yes, that's my Keyboard in the background.

And there in lies the problem. The Chorizo Burger was a special, and may not be there when you next come. Fingers crossed they sold enough that it’ll be on the menu next time around.

OF course, they come with Shoestring Fries, and…what are you gonna say, the Shoestring Fries are what they are. They’re nice fries that you’ve had a million times before, and want to have a million times again in the future. The only difference, and it was a good difference…was that it was served with a Spicy Ketchup. Now, I see Spicy Ketchup on Menus a lot, and usually you kinda say: “All right. Sure. Whatever.”

No, this Spicy Ketchup was actually spicy. Get yourself something cool. You’re going to need it. It’s not going to burn your tongue off, but things are going to build over time.

The Chorizo Burger at Eden Burer Bar in Glendale.

IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP, PEOPLE: I don’t know what to say. I don’t want to insult the place, because I actually liked Eden Burger Bar, their Staff, and what they served. But where it’s located, how it looks from the outside…it just doesn’t scream high end Burger joint…which is what it is. It looks like a Liquor/Store small Night Club from the outside. You step through those doors, and…kaboom, it’s lovely. It is low light. It’s nine kinds of romantic and cool. But outside? Bedroom community. Doesn’t quite match up.


PARKING: Plentiful. Eden Burger Bar sits as a part of a Retail/Strip Mall complex with a lot of spaces (all of them free), but it’s a busy complex so there may be a bit of a problem finding spots, but odds are in your favor.

Push come to shove, you can try to park along the curved portion of Chevy Chase Drive behind the restaurant, close to Skaf’s Lebanese and the local Fire Department. It’ll be crowded there are well, but that’s you best bet if the lot is too full. I doubt it will be, but you know…just in case.


Eden Burger Bar
333 N. Verdugo Rd.
Glendale, CA 91206

Tel: (818) 552-2212

Sunday-Thursday: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm
Friday-Saturday: 11:00 am – 11:00 pm