Is It Any Good?

Greek in Reseda.

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I wound up here by accident.

I came to Firehouse Restaurant after going to two restaurants up near the Greenland Market in Reseda, and not getting served…as in at all. Its not like they wouldn’t take my money, its that I walked inside Aya and Fresh Korean BBQ only to discover nobody working…at Lunchtime!

Lunchtime I says!

So, we turn to Firehouse Restaurant. And…it really doesn’t look like a Firehouse does–

–oooh, okay. I guess it does. How about the inside?

It’s going to be rough when I say this, but…the interior looks like something from a Transylvanian torture chamber.

I don’t mean to be mean. The chairs and tables are of a particular style, and Transylvania was the first thing I thought of. Who knows how much their decor budget was. They probably grabbed the chairs they cold get, and viola.

This is Firehouse Restaurant. And Firehouse serves up Greek cuisine.

The greatest Greek cuisine in town? Not hardly.

Acceptable, nice, decent Greek Cuisine? Hmm…we’re working on it.

This is a place in Reseda, not exactly known as a foodie hotbed, but a place that locals come in for a spot of lunch or for some take out. In that respect, Firehouse Restaurant does it’s job admirably.

Is it a place you want to drive out of your way to get to? Ehhh, probably not.

It’s a Greek place, and serviceable one. But that’s it. If you’re looking to come to Firehouse and get your lid flipped, this ain’t that place.

I will say that the service here is pretty slow. But, this is probably management’s fault more than the Server. I came in, Lunch Rush was on, it was packed inside, all tables and seats filled…and Firehouse had one Server working the floor. One. So can we be surprised?

And worse, the Young Lady is brand new. Her time of service at Firehouse can be measured in days or weeks, not months or years.

How can I tell? After I ordered, she had to check the menu for the price. Again, we’ll cut her a break. But Firehouse Restaurant, get her some damn help!

So, full house. Okay food. Production design by Bela Legosi, and plastic orchids on the tables. At least it lends the place some color.


WHAT SHOULD I GET?: Things got started with (of course) a Greek Salad, and which was fantastic. Way better than I expected. Good tomatoes. Really good Feta cheese. I’ve never been the biggest fan of Greek Salads, but this one worked for me.

Firehouse Restaurant

Then came the Mediterranean Plate, which was Gyro meat, Dolmades (also known as Grape Leaves) and of course, Hummus. The Firehouse Hummus was not bad. It was a bit more liquidy than I’m used to, but flavored up enough, and made by people who know what Hummus is supposed to taste like.

Firehouse Restaurant

You should know going in, that is a mess of meat on that plate, and after the salad it was tough to get through it all. Same with the Dolmades, as they were on the large side too. The first couple of bites were sensational. Then about the middle, you start to feel the weight of the meal (all that meat) and really slow down. Toward the end, I was feeling a measure of regret.

The Mediterranean Plate is not bad, but I’ve had better Greek. It’s nothing you should turn your nose up at, but you could do better elsewhere in greater L.A. In Reseda? I don’t know…


IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP, PEOPLE: No big worries, except you should expect the place to be packed.

Yeah, I know I gave it a “meh” review, but since when has that stopped anybody?


PARKING: Tricky. Firehouse Restaurant has a small set of spaces in back. When I pulled in there were two or three open spaces. So you should be in periodic luck. But past that, I don’t know. Parking in front of the restaurant along Victory Blvd. might be tricky. You can try to park along the edge of the Park across the street on either the Reseda or Victory side.

But please be aware of the Car Dealership just next door to Firehouse. You’ll see parked cars and think it’s a place you can park as well. You cannot, unless you want you car sold while you’re having lunch.


Firehouse Restaurant
18450 Victory Blvd.
Tarzana, CA 91335

Tel: (818) 881-3118

Daily: 10:30 am – 10:00 pm