Is It Any Good?

Surprisingly decent Indian in the heart of Mickey Mouse country.

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Have you ever had a dinner with a group of Psychologists in town for a convention?

No? Just me?

The last mass-single-occupation meal I did (and that I wrote about) was at Son of a Gun, with my Food Blogger compatriots. At least there, we were all talking about food and what we liked…

while…everyone stopped to take a picture of…well…what they were having.

Point is, gather enough of one occupation in one place for a meal, and the particular foibles of that occupation will come rushing to the surface.

So, I’m with Psychologists. What do you think happened?

Right, they were psycho-analyzing each other…for entertainment purposes only.  Talk about dinner and a show.

Still, this is a food blog, and you really came to hear about the dinner.

Gandhi Palace was a place I’ve never heard of, or tried. One of the Psychologists who’d been to town before (and was a strict vegetarian) recommended it.

Now, there are a couple of downsides to Gandhi Palace. One it’s in Anaheim, hugged up real close to Disneyland, and that means you have to deal with Disney traffic and Disney visitors. It’s also buried inside the local Ramada, which I’m sure is just inspiring confidence in the hearts of Foodies everywhere.

But it wasn’t bad all things considered. Yeah, all night we saw gaggles of Disney-clad Tourists streaming in and around the park. And I also should mention that it was a Friday night, and the most crowded spot on the block was the local Cheesecake Factory.

But that may say more about the clientele than the restaurant.

I mean you should have seen the place. I thought it was the first night of The Hunger Games, and that was a local Multiplex.

That mean, Gandhi Palace was pretty much deserted. Yeah, there were two Indian Families inside, enjoying their food (and rightfully so), and that was about it.

Good service. Nice, if not totally Motel-mode decor. Decent food. You can consider Gandhi Palace if you’re Disney inclined, and want something a bit different. I’m not sure you should drive down from wherever you are to hit it, but you know…keep it in your pocket.

Then again, we did pass a Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles on the way in.



WHAT SHOULD I GET?: As I’ve said, I’ve turned to Matar Paneer as my go-to dish when comparing Indian Restaurants.IMG_0479

Basically, at this point, I want to get a familiar Curry, or a Biryani and then see if they can make a decent Samosa. You do those two things well, and I’ll be favorably inclined to your restaurant.

I must say, their Matar Paneer was the thickest/heaviest version of the dish I’ve ever had…as it, if I took a spoonful, how long would it take for the Matar or the Paneer to hit my plate?

I was more than a bit uncertain when I first tasted it, but it was on target, and the thickness turned out to be a feature and not a bug.

Gandhi’s Vegetable Samosas were good as well. Though as I said, I’m really having them more to see if they’ve screwed them up. Hell, even I know how to make Samosa.


IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP, PEOPLE: I don’t know…beware of the all-seeing Disney eye?


Seriously, we walked into the Ramada and even there, there’s Goofy staring back at me.

I mean, I know these Disney guys are everywhere, but do they have to be everywhere?

I should also mention that some commenters on Urbanspoon are mentioning a 18% Service Charge, or a general feeling that the food is overpriced.  Remember, you are right across the street from Disney, and like Vegas, or Venice or any other place that knows it’s got you by location, they’re going to charge for it.


PARKING: Free enough…I think. We would up parking inside the little courtyard, cul-de-sac in the heart of the Ramada Complex. Although I wasn’t sure, but it may have been, could have been reserved for guests. I kept looking for a sign, and it wasn’t like we weren’t there to spend money or anything. We were there for their restaurant.

But still, be on the lookout.


Gandhi Palace
Ramada Plaza Anaheim
515 West Katella Avenue
Anaheim, CA 92802

Tel: (714) 808-6777

Daily: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm