Is It Any Good?

Korean Fried Chicken in Arcadia.

Korean food. When we think of it, we think of Beef (Bulgogi), Pork (more Bulgogi), Sour, Spicy, Tasty, Explosive (Ban Chan). We don’t think of Chicken all that much.

Maybe we should. After all, Korean Fried Chicken is becoming more and more of a thing in recent days. Places like “The Prince” which I haven’t been to yet, is known for it’s Fried Chicken.

With places like “The Prince” out there, Korean Fried Chicken is something I’m going to have to get to know better in the coming months.

I’m not sure, therefore, if coming to Hot N Sweet Chicken was such a good idea.

Don’t get me wrong. The food was fine. I got piles and piles of Korean Fried Chicken. A lunch order was more than enough for two. They served Banchan, and had a great looking bar, and…


Why am I the only one here today?

Seriously, the foodies of the world tend to vote with their feet, and whenever I’m in a place as deserted as this, i gotta wonder.

I mean, I’ve stayed out of places that had fewer people than this. Being in a restaurant this deserted makes a Food Blogger nervous.

Besides nervous, it makes one wonder if one is eating the dish in question (in this case Korean Fried Chicken) as more people imagine it.


WHAT SHOULD I GET?: We started off with the Appetizer Salad, which, even though it was just a pile of Cabbage and Dressing, was a good little pile of Cabbage and Dressing. Not great shakes, but enjoyable. Got me ready for what was next…

The appetizer Salad at Hot N' Sweet Chicken.

…which was the Fried Zucchini Sticks. Again, typical Bar food. Sliced Zucchini, batter, fry it up. Done. I mainly ordered them because I wanted some form of vegetable on my table, and…I had no idea the Appetizer Salad was coming, so. Nothing to write home about.

The Fried Zuccini Sticks (because I needed some vegetables) at Hot N' Sweet Chicken.

Finally came the main course, the Premium Fried Chicken.

The premium Fried Chicken at Hot N' Sweet Chicken.

It came as a plate of five piece, enough to feed me and any friends that happen to be driving by. Deep, deep, super thick, will-spend-most-of-your-time-peeling-off-the-skin thick. You’ll eat this chicken, enjoying the taste, but wondering if you’d eaten any chicken, the skin was so thick.

Two pieces in and I was full. Had to carry the rest home.


IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP, PEOPLE: Bring company. Otherwise, it can get a little lonely.


PARKING: Well, this could be tricky. Hot N Sweet Chicken sits on a commercial block, with lots of other businesses. One the opposite side of the street, where the late, great La Luna Negra used to be, they have a massive, massive parking lot behind it, with all the spaces you could ever want. On Hot N Sweet Chicken’s side of the street is…well, enough space for the employees. Ideally you should park in the lot and jaunt across the street.

Of course, I didn’t do that.

I parked a door or two down from the restaurant. In that respect I got lucky, but I came at Lunch on a Weekday. I’d park in the big lot across the street most other times.

Hot N' Sweet Chicken in Arcadia.

Hot N Sweet Chicken
48 Huntington Dr.
Arcadia, CA 91006

Tel: (626) 445-6300

Sunday-Wednesday: 11:00 am – 11:00 pm
Thursday-Saturday: 11:00 am – 12:00 am