Is It Any Good?

Think a brick and mortar space for Food Truck-like establishments…in Old Town Pasadena.

The first question I had when I walked up to the sign that read Indiana Colony was basically…what the hell is “Indiana Colony”?

I mean I knew what it was, but…why call it “Indiana Colony”?

Searching for the term “Indiana Colony” on the City of Pasadena Website doesn’t come up with much, which is odd because Wikipedia does have a listing.

The Indiana Colony is the first white settlement of the area known today as Pasadena, California. It was incorporated as such on January 31, 1874, by a settlement of Hoosiers seeking fairer weather following the exceptionally cold winter of 1872–73.



A…White colony.


Not sure how I feel about that.

So…what happened to it?

The name lasted for a while until which point they wanted their own post office. Up to this time, the mail was being brought up from Los Angeles by one of the resident’s son who was going to school there. Mail for the colony came to Los Angeles earmarked for “Indiana Colony,” but when the community applied for a post office, the Postmaster General rejected the name Indiana Colony. Thus began the search for a new name for the town which would end up being Pasadena.

Yeah, I’m leaving this alone now, because the City of Pasadena has a whole other history beginning much earlier than the arrival of these white folks from Indiana. In fact, they seem to skip it all together.


That’s the history.  The origin of the name.  What Indiana Colony is now is a restaurant/retail space featuring multiple businesses. Think of it like a brick and mortar food truck only…no wheels. Exposed air conditions, old school, unpainted brick face.

Indiana Colony in Pasadena, CA

The place feels like someone’s Business School experiment. Which is not a bad thing. If you’re strolling up and down Colorado Blvd., if you’ve stopped at one of the few, or one of the many average places to eat, you can bop in here afterward for a spot of coffee or some pie.

Anyway, here are the businesses currently calling Indiana Colony home. More are said to be coming:

There’s the Pie Hole which has several locations.

World Flavors Spice & Tea Company

Pressed Juice Company.

Apparently, even though Intelligentsia is next door, it’s a part of this concern.

Cool Haus, which is getting iffier and iffier.

Literally…every time most times I walk in there now, whoever is supposed to be behind the counter is not there. This time, at least they had the courtesy to put up a sign, but still…

This seems to happen a lot nowadays.

This seems to happen a lot nowadays.

So, I went to the Pie Hole instead, for a bit of Mom’s Apple Crumble.

Like I said, it’s a comfortable space. Definitely holding membership in the people’s Republic of Laptopistan (Trademark, Anthony Bourdain). I myself am a member, and scribbling this article in much the same way.

You’ll have your choice of places, and you’ll have your time to savor your selection. Pie going in the hole. Good music playing over the speakers (courtesy Pie Hole from the way it looks). It’s a comfortable space. You can get a groove going here. Lord knows I did, as evidenced by the article you are reading now.


IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP, PEOPLE: The space is open and seats are…well…there are seats. Tables are a whole other matter.

Y’see…when you walk in, you’ll stroll past the deserted Cool Haus (seriously, guys…what the F), you walk into a well of tables and chairs…mostly populated tables and chairs.

Yeah, this place is popular.

Turnover is high. So if you choose to cluster at the easily available bench seats along the way, and wait, a table will become available. you’ve just got to be quick.

If you’re looking for a bit of peace and quiet, good luck. While the over all atmosphere is chill and quiet, the people coming in (mostly of the youngish hipster set) are really energetic and…loud for some reason. At least when I was.


PARKING: Good the @#$% luck. Old Town Pasadena Parking is becoming more and more difficult as more and more businesses are added. So if you want to come here on a Friday or a Saturday, have a backup plan, just in case.

Realistically, the place to park is the Schoolhouse Structure between Fair Oaks and Raymond, but check our Pasadena Parking Map for more options.


Indiana Colony
55-59 E. Colorado Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91105


Are not clear from the website.