Is It Any Good?

More great tacos, this time in Highland Park.

First, a quick flashback to my original La Estrella review:

Believe it or not, I’m still looking for my taco place. “My” taco place, the one that defeats all others. The one that you got to when you say “Man, I need some Tacos”. Because who doesn’t say “Man, I need some Tacos” from time to time.


I’ve been to Yuca’s, and to Tacos Villa Corona. I’ve been to Petty Cash Taqueria, and Cacao Mexicatessen still has my heart.


But I guess I see Cacao as more than just a Taco joint. Maybe that’s my fault. After all, all the Taco joints I’ve been to serve more than Tacos.


Maybe I just need another Taco joint to add to my list.


Yeah, that’s it.


So I finally come to La Estrella.

La Estrella in Highland Park.

Well, originally I went to the two La Estrella’s in Pasadena, one on Fair Oaks, and one on Orange Grove. (I liked them both, but really liked the one on Orange Grove.) This time I went to what looks like the original one in Highland Park. So maybe waxing on and on about the two Pasadena’s isn’t exactly appropriate for this flashback to the original review… ya know?

So let’s start talking about it as a Taco Stand…which is right about here:

It’s very much a Taco Stand in the tradition of the taco stands you see around town. It’s a fairly big, tiled patio. Plenty of seating, on most days, but…when is there a normal day when it comes to getting your taco on? Unlike most Taco Stands, it does take Credit Cards, and it even has parking in back.


Step up to the window, place your order, and wait for your number to be called. That’s the trick to La Estrella.


In recent days, I have found myself in a place where I need to watch every dollar possible. Mexican Taco Stands provide outstanding value in that department, in that you can really control how much you eat, and thus how much you spend. Going to La Estrella, getting four or five tacos and a Coke, you can walk out of there for around ten bucks. Magnificence.

La Estrella in Highland Park.

WHAT SHOULD I GET?: You know me. I see Pork or Carnitas on the menu, and that’s pretty much it for me. So three Carnitas Tacos on the place, dressed well with a spicy Roja sauce, and chunks of onion. These were some seriously good Tacos, and ones I will be having again at my nearest opportunity.

Carnitas Tacos all dressed up and ready to go at La Estrella in Highland Park.

I also got Al Pastor this time around (they hadn’t run out).  I love these.  I love Al Pastor Tacos and I particularly love them here at La Estrella.  The meat was a little overcooked, but overall, delicious, delicious, delicious.



IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP, PEOPLE: I don’t know why. La Estrella’s is a straight ahead place, yet I still found myself turned around for some reason. Like I said the layout is basic. The “order-up” window is right up front. You pick up your food from the window on the other side. Grab a table only after you order, although I think some customers were breaking that particular rule.


PARKING: Okay, this location is well…

How to put this…how to put this?

La Estrella in Highland Park.

This location of La Estrella has no parking of its own…as it sits on a small triangle of land right by the train tracks off N. Figueroa Street and N. Avenue 61. So there isn’t an abundance of obvious parking. So as pulled up to the location, I turned left onto Avenue 61, and parked along the Highland Rec Center Park, closest to the pool. (Not that you’ll see the pool, as it’s up a bit of hill). The parking is free there, so it’s just a question of availability.

Fingers crossed and good luck. The Tacos are worth it.

La Estrella in Highland Park.

La Estrella
6103 N. Figueroa St.
Los Angeles, CA 90042

Phone: (323) 982-0179

Open 24 Hours.