Is It Any Good?

Conveyor Belt Sushi in Glendale. Yes, you read that right.

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So this is what it’s come down to…

Me…sitting in front of a conveyor belt of Sushi, and hypnotically watching it roll on by and by…

Welcome to Marinepolis Sushi Land, which is really just called Sushi Land when you look at the sign.

It’s your basic Suburban Sushi joint. There are no Five Star chefs, or imports from Tokyo or Osaka. While there is an all-Asian staff working behind the coun–errr, belt, my guess is they’ve gotten their Sushi training at the local Marriott.

Yeah, these…conveyor belt places are apparently gaining in popularity, that is the Amusement Park version of Sushi. There’s one in Hollywood in the same complex as the Arclight, and this place…

Look, I don’t know what to tell you about this place. Marinepolis Sushi Land isn’t exactly fine dining, or a a place that Foodies are looking to congregate. It specializes in Cheap Sushi…two words you don’t necessarily want pushed together. Still, Marinepolis Sushi Land is crowded…supremely crowded on a Friday night. By the time I drove over from work, all buyI mean people are hanging out waiting to get seats…waiting to get at that conveyor belt Sushi.

Yes, you read that right.

In truth, the place is decently big, with a two Sushi Chefs working in the center. They make their Sushi, cut it up, put it on the appropriately priced plate, and send it on it’s way. Round and round it goes, you pick what you want, stacking emptied plate on top of emptied plate. The trick is getting what you want when it hits the belt. Did it just get there, or has it been sitting there for a lap or two?

I ain’t gonna lie. I had a very full meal, and walked out of there for less than Ten Bucks. That part was amazing.

But it’s still cheap, and that ain’t…that ain’t right.


WHAT SHOULD I GET?: And now for our parade of Cheap Sushi…

So, when the words Cheap and Sushi are thrown together, you’ll forgive me if I get a little cautious. Thus, the first thing I saw, grabbed and ate was a Cucumber Roll. Your basic bit of rice, cucumber and seaweed. I always like this kind of thing, a bit of fresh vegetable (and yes it was fresh), and some fresh seaweed…

The Cucumber Roll at Marinepolis Sushi Land.

…but then again, it was cucumber rice and seaweed. How hard can it be?

The Tuna at Marinepolis Sushi Land.

Later, a bit of good looking Tuna finally came by way, sitting atop a bed of rice, and I grabbed that. That was the riskiest bet I tried. And…for the most part it wasn’t bad.

Then a surprise rolled by…and I can’t quite tell you what it is, because I had no idea.

They look like Soba Noodles, with Sesame Seeds on top. The nutty flavor of the Noodle reinforced that notion. They genuinely weren’t bad.

The I-don't-know-what-the-hell-these-are-Noodles (Soba?) at Marinepolis Sushi Land.

They’re not something I’m going to come back here to have, but they weren’t bad.

Finally…and because the appetizers I order kinda came out whenever they were done, not in any particular order, I got some Agedashi Tofu and some Miso Soup.

The Agedashi Tofu at Marinepolis Sushi Land.

If you’ve ever had either of these items, and seriously who hasn’t…you’re not going to be thrilled.

The Agedashi Tofu was basically Tofu dipped in Tempera batter and…was not the best thing ever.

The Miso Soup at Marinepolis Sushi Land.

The Miso Soup…I swear to God, they put some broke down Teriyaki Sauce in with a little Miso, mixed it with some Tofu and Seaweed and called it a day. I’ve made better at home.


IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP, PEOPLE: Okay, we need to deal with the idea of interceptions.

Yeah, remember…it’s not like I haven’t told this enough, but you are working with a conveyor belt. There are people to the left of you and to the right of you. That means, that piece of Tuna you’ve had your eye on, that you’ve been watching as it meanders your way…can get picked up by someone in front of you in line, well…you’re just have to deal.

Best revenge, getting the next thing and snagging it from someone else.

But seriously, everything else is parking related.

The sign at the Glendale Marketplace.

PARKING: Umm, yeah.

Here’s the deal. The Glendale Marketplace has a pretty decent amount of cheap parking. Getting to it is a whole other deal.

The night I went (and I’m discovering it’s most nights really), the getting in and out of the lot is difficult as people have either jammed up the line out of the place, or as hogging up the lines to get into the place, making everyone wait so they can snag a spot just two feet closer to the door.


On top of that, Marinepolis Sushi Land…a restaurant that is on the same block as the Parking, that shares the same physical building as your Parking…does not validate.

The good news is that if you can get in and out of there in 90 minutes, with or without validation, your parking is free.

The bad news is…that gives you only 90 minutes to eat up your cheap Sushi.

And suddenly, it becomes clear why Marinepolis Sushi Land doesn’t validate.

Marinepolis Sushi Land in Glendale.

Marinepolis Sushi Land
116 S. Maryland Ave.
Glendale, CA 91205

Phone:(818) 543-0200

Daily: 11:00 am – 9:00 pm