Is It Any Good?

Just like the sign says, Vietnamese Sandwiches and Bakery Goods in San Gabriel.

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Oh, what you will overcome for a good Banh Mi.

It’s strange, but I’ve never heard of this place

Saigon’s Bakery and Sandwich (no website) is nice, nice little Bakery and Sandwich shop in the heart of San Gabriel. I passed by Babita Mexicusine on the way there, and seeing it, I felt on safe and familiar ground.

Like most Vietnamese Bakeries or Convenience stories, they have lots of treats of display…as well as a big menu for Banh Mi, which is what I was there for.

The process is simple. Get in, order up at the counter, wait for it to grill, then sit down and wait for the–

–uh, excuse me…but is that man okay?

Um. That man. The man in the Postal Uniform (well, half Uniform, he’s got the sweater, but everything else seems to be his) is just…kinda…talking to himself and everyone at once in Vietnamese…Cash Only Banner 2.0

…and everyone is kinda ignoring him, and–

Oh, Sandwich is ready.

Can’t tell if the guy is nuts or just lonely, as my Vietnamese is a step below rusty. But two bites into my Sandwich, I don’t rightly care. The Staff seems to get it, and after a while you just roll with it.

Plus, after you’ve picked up a foot long Banh Mi on good, good break, three fried egg rolls and a can of Coke for a grand total $5.38?? Very little will bother you for the rest of the day, except…when I can get another one?

And if that old man is there, so much the better. I’m even tempted to buy him one.


WHAT SHOULD I GET?: Banh Mi, Banh Mi, Banh Mi.

Yeah, you can get the other stuff, but the star attraction is the Banh Mi, in this case the Grilled Pork.IMG_0569-Edit

Golden Deli still ranks as my favorite, but Saigon Bakery and Sandwich’s grew and grew on me with each bite. By time I was finished, I was thinking I should maybe get another.


No, no. Eat responsibly. Don’t make a pig of yourself. Savor what you’ve had until your next visit. Plus, you still got those Egg Rolls to nosh on.

The Egg Rolls come for 3/$1.49 and they were…okay. They were deep fried to the point where everything inside came close to being annihilated, but still good.

Maybe next time, I get two Banh Mi and skip the Egg Rolls.

Oh yeah. That’d be sweeeet.


IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP, PEOPLE: One, don’t be bugged out by old men in Postal Uniforms.

Two, the place is Cash Only. For Banh Mi this cheap, expect it to be Cash Only.


PARKING: There is ample free parking in Saigon Bakery and Sandwich’s own lot…which I almost missed.

True story, I parked in the lot for the shopping mall next door. Figured, I was distant enough that even if I had to park there, I wouldn’t get caught. But then I walked up to the restaurant, and they had t heir own lot, and there were plenty of spaces. (Remember, this is mostly a to-go order place, so people are coming in and out all the time.) So after almost getting to the door, I turned around and headed back.


Saigon’s Bakery and Sandwich (San Gabriel)
718 East Valley Boulevard
San Gabriel, CA 91776

Tel: (626) 288-6475

Daily: 6:00am-9:00pm

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