Is It Any Good?

A comfort food palace inside the Farmer’s Market.

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Short Order is a comfort food palace, parked off in a hard-to-get-o corner of the Farmer’s Market. It’s almost better to approach it from the outside, rather than trying to your way through the maze of stalls and stands inside.

Overall, it’s got a nice 1930s Bungalow kind of a fell. It’s comfortable, shaded. There are even TVs where you can watch the game, if you want.

Once you get there, you will…be…kinda…escorted to a seat…maybe.

Look, I had a weird visit. Everything was normal at first. I got in. Was taken immediately to a seat. Handed a menu…

and then the weirdness happened.

All the time I was sitting in there, I spent my time observing the behavior of the staff. This is something I do in preparation for the review. I like to know how on the ball the staff is, how they do things, to see if I can get ahold of their operational philosophy.

This place…??

The service at Short Order is…good once it finally gets going.

Here’s an example. I sat down, and went through the menu and waiting for someone to come and help me out. I didn’t wait for a terribly long time, but it wasn’t exactly quick either. I looked around and one of the Waitstaff looked as though they were on their break and the hostess was stalling.

Finally, the guy what was on his break came by to take my order. He took it in due course. Completely nice about it. Totally professional.

Then he takes off. He heads right for the parking lot…and vanishes.

This is all well and good as as long as in being taken care of by the remaining hostess it’s all good. But I’m getting a little skeptical.

Just now, two new customers just…kinda…walked on in. They didn’t stop at the Hostess Station. They just breezed in. Of course, the fact that there was no one at the Hostess station could have had something to do with it.

The Hostess was surprised to find them seated, but since Short Order’s also got her doing other duties near the kitchen…

Yeah. Things are a bit disorganized here, and this is only a weekday lunch.

And my waiter still hasn’t come back from the parking lot. Odd.

Basically, Short Order is a restaurant where things get done…despite itself. I mean, the waits aren’t terribly long, but they are noticeable. Your food will get there, and get there in good order…but take just a touch longer. The Staff will do some odd things, but you will get fed.

It just strikes me as a place that when something goes wrong, it will really go wrong. So far it hasn’t. Fingers crossed.


WHAT SHOULD I GET?: This place serves comfort food. No one’s trying to revolutionize the world of gastronomy or anything. They’re just trying to serve up some home fries and a Grilled Cheese sandwich. Which his what I got.

My main course was the Grilled Cheese with Bacon, and on arrival it is a very good looking sandwich. Something you just can’t wait to chaw down on. The flavors…are…well…kinda invisible. I mean, I felt a Sandwich going in. I felt the perfectly toasted bread against my tongue and the roof of my mouth, but…that…was kinda it. Maybe it was the blend of cheeses that day, but it wasn’t a spectacular sandwich.

Short Order

The Short Order Spuds were all right. Again, perfectly fried up chunks of Potato, sprinkled with Sea Salt, skin on. Tasty treat. It was the thing I liked best at the restaurant.

Short Order

Touch that off with a jar of the House Lemonade. (And yes, I said Jar). Nice homey touch.


IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP, PEOPLE: Maybe it’s different at night, with more of a crowd, and (hopefully) more intensity. But during a weekday lunch, things are a bit light. The Waitstaff is friendly, but…was too casual about things. You will get your food, sooner rather than later, but…be prepared for some odd behavior while you’re sitting there.


PARKING: This is still Farmer’s Market, so you’re either Parking at the Grove’s Massive and well-organized Parking Structure, or in the Farmer’s Market itself.

Errr, trust me…you’ll actually wind up with the Grove…where there are spaces. It costs a bit more, but it’s easier. Just bear in mind that Short Order is a part of the Farmer’s Market and not the Grove, as they are two separate entities, even though they are impossibly close to each other. If you park at one, make sure you find a way to get a validation at the other.

You could consult the Farmer’s Market own website and guide before going.


Short Order
6333 W. 3rd St. #110
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Tel: (323) 761-7970

Sunday-Thursday: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm
Friday-Saturday: 11:00 am – 11:00 pm