Is It Any Good?

More Korean-Mexican fusion from a Food Truck.


I’m noticing how much time I spend, talking about Roy Choi and all his fine works. Then again, I do spent a lot of time eating at his restaurants.

I’m also noticing how much time, other chefs, Food Trucks and establishments are spending, either imitating what Chef does, or at least tracking after the same market.

I have no idea how Chef feels about that. I doubt it comes with too much animosity. After all, the man has a lot of his plate, and doesn’t have time to worry about what the competition is doing. Probably doesn’t have time to worry about food bloggers either.

I don’t know how I feel about it either, but as long as there’s a Roy Choi to imitate…

Anyway, it was a Monday, and I was doing what I like to do when I have some time to blow off some steam: I went down to LACMA and had lunch at the Food Trucks along Wilshire.

The lineup changes of course, from time to time. I might see some places I’d like to make return journeys too. But most times, I want to find a new spot to try.

Hey. Food blogger over here. Always on the hunt for new material.

I’ve noticed something odd about my time slowly walking up and down the Food Truck assortment. I’ve noticed that…usually the first place I decide upon is the place I’m going for.

It’s weird. I start checking the Trucks out. I select a Truck pretty early, but keep looking just in case. Inevitably, I wind up back at my first choice.

My first choice today was Slanging Corean.

No, I don’t know why they went with a “C”.

I don’t want to trash these guys. Heck, I don’t want to trash them at all. They were friendly as hell. Energetic, and vibrant. On top of that, the Food Truck wasn’t really a food truck, it was a Food Trailer. A lot smaller then the trucks around them, they had to set on a table for condiments, napkins, chopsticks and such. They even included a menu with big, pretty pictures of all the food they serve.

Again, welcoming.

The Food? The food was okay. The only problem I had with it, is that it didn’t distinguish itself from the rather crowded field that has followed Roy Choi into the Asian-merges-with-Mexican marketplace.

Did I like what I had at Slanging Corean? Yes. Yes I did. I might even come back and visit, if I don’t have a deadline and need new material.

Did it distinguish itself from the Bool’s, Belly Bombz and Bachi Burgers of the world? No, it did not.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try Slanging Corean, it’s worth a bite of your time, but if you’re looking for a Roy Choi fix, you might be waiting a bit longer.


WHAT SHOULD I GET?: I had the Pork Tacos, which come two to a set, and a the Kimchi Quesadilla. Both were…all right.

The Pork Tacos from Slanging Corean.

The Pork Tacos had a nice taste and texture, but the used a lot of cabbage and red cabbage which, for me, dulled the taste a little.

The Kimchi Quesadilla was a little bit better. The thing I wanted most was a Kimchi taste, and it was there, but…in a weird way, I still can’t explain it, the amount of meat in the Quesadilla got in the way. I tasted in more than the Kimchi, so…go figure. Cheese was good though.

The Kimchi Quesadillas from Slanging Corean.

IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP, PEOPLE: Seriously, the “C” in Corea is probably the weirdest thing about this Truck.


PARKING: Well, it is a Food Trucks go where they wanna go. The time I hit ’em was over across the street from LACMA, so I parked there.


Slanging Corean
It’s a Food Truck.  Location will vary.

Slangin Corean Menu