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Is It Any Good?

Classic Tacos, handmade with love and care right in Atwater Village.

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Odds are, if Anthony Bourdain hadn’t come to this place, I’d have never heard of it.

Which is a crying shame because even outside of the world of Food Television, this place has a damn good reputation in Los Angeles.

Apparently, one of the fixers of for Anthony Bourdain The Layover, knew a couple of people who worked with the Beastie Boys, who’s recording studio was in Atwater Village, and every day they used to cross the street and eat at Tacos Villa Corona (like to Facebook directory, they don’t have a website).

Well, that’s their story. What’s mine?

I was fresh off the plane from the East Coast. Part of me was hankering for some good stuff, part of me wanted to explore some place new so I could cook up another review for the site. I headed to Sapp’s Coffee House, which I love (and where I’m starting to type this review now). I drove through…you guessed it…Atwater Village.Cash Only Banner 2.0

Driving through, I always like to scan the restaurants that are out there, you know, to maybe get an idea of where I’m going next. And all of the sudden, I spotted a Cuban place…with a parking open right in front of it. What luck. I tried to pull in…wound up having to take a lap around the block to come at it again, but still…nabbed that space…

…and suddenly, there I am. Standing in front of Tacos Villa Corona.

Wait a minute, I remember this place.

Now, parking issues aside. If you find yourself in front of Tacos Villa Corona you’ve got to have a couple of things, cash (as in only) and a plan.

Well, I had the cash.

The Menu hangs toward the back inside the restaurant, so you might not come up with your plan until the seconds before you’re greeted with a “Hola”. But that’s okay. Price of doing delicious business. After that, you…well…may be lucky enough to grab one of the few seats/stools in front of the restaurant. There you’ll wait a couple of minutes for your order to arrive…at the same window you ordered from.

Stands like Tacos Villa Corona and Yuca’s, or whatever your favorite taco stand or truck is…are why we like Los Angeles, you know…aside from the beaches and the sunshine. The affordable and the stunningly delicious dovetailing together? Being able to eat like a king for the change in your pocket?

I’m not sure Tacos Villa Corona is the best Taco stand in Los Angeles. A lot of joints can make that claim. All I can say is, the next time I’m in Atwater village, and I see a space open in front of the restaurant. No matter what I’m doing…I’m pulling in.


WHAT SHOULD I GET?: I got a Steak and Potato Burrito, and I liked it. I liked it a lot, but I still want to work down their menu (and more important hit them up for Breakfast) before calling my shot as to what is the thing to get here.

Now, the menu shifts but I got two Tacos, and I could swear they were Chorizo. Guess I’ll just have to go there and again and confirm.


IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP, PEOPLE: Okay, there are couple of things we’ve got to work with. One, this place is Cash Only.

Two, the seating. There ain’t any. Just accept that going in.

It’s a Taco stand, not a Taco restaurant. Three, try to have a plan when you get to the window. There will be a line, and the people behind you may not be understanding of your umms and “Ah, what should I get” moments.


PARKING: Limited. Along Glendale Blvd. in Atwater Village is nothing but meters, and most of them will be filled. There are a couple of Public lots, but they’re off the main drag.


Tacos Villa Corona
3185 Glendale Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90039

Tel: (323) 661-3458

Monday-Friday: 8:00 am – 2:00 pm
Saturday-Sunday: 8:00 am – 3:00 pm

Cash Only Banner 2.0