Is It Any Good?

“Innovative American Cuisine” in Beverly Hills and other locales…

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The Farm isn’t bad, but it always struck me as the place you go to if you couldn’t get into the Ivy.

Yeah, that was a bit of a cheap shot.

The Farm of Beverly Hills has got a nice, organically-themed menu. It easily gets the Big Agency, Producer crowd coming in there. I’m not sure you’re going to catch any celebrities in there (you might), but the people who set up what those celebrities do? They’re in there all the time.

Ultimately, the menu isn’t bad, and the meal is always at least pretty good. You’re not going to have a bad meal if you’re in there, just not a memorable one. I guess my problem is that nothing about the place, at either the original or the former Grove location, excited me. It’s one of those places people go to because of the name more than anything. There’s no reason for me to go in there unless I’m out of other options and I’m in that part of town.


WHAT SHOULD I GET?: I’ve had the Farm Steak, which was nice. I’ve also looked at the BBQ Beef Short Ribs, but then again, I always look at the Short Ribs.


PARKING: There is Municipal Parking directly across the street from the restaurant.  Look for the Crate and Barrel on Beverly Drive, and turn into the lot.  You get two hours free.  Validation did not seem to be necessary, but I’d check with the Restaurant to be safe.

Farm of Beverly Hills.

The Farm of Beverly Hills
439 N. Beverly Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Tel: (310) 273-5578