Is It Any Good?

Mexican Tortas just a step or two away from Old Town Pasadena.

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My adventure at Cook’s Tortas was a rich one, one I am hoping to repeat in the near future.

What can I say? I just like Torta’s, Mexican Sandwiches lined with the meat of your choice on good bread. And if you can find a good Agua Fresca to go with it? Jackpot.

So imagine my surprise (and joy) to find a Torta’s place even closer to home, one just off the main drag in Old Town Pasadena, Tortas Mexico, Tortas Mexico.

Well, this will work out. A Tortas place, even closer to where I live? Why this is just the best thing since sliced–

–don’t worry, I’ll stop.

Okay, so…off to find Tortas Mexico, and…well…it’s not exactly sitting off the main drag in Pasadena, is it?

Pasadena’s main drag is Colorado Blvd. That’s where all the (apologies in advance) substandard restaurants for the most part call their home. It’s where everyone is on a given night, so…why try, right?

Move one street over in either direction, and things get a little more interesting. Racion in on direction, Vertical Wine Bistro, Pho Saigon Noodle in the other. It’s not a perfect system, and certainly not without flaws, but it works.

Unfortunately, one block past even that is where Tortas Mexico sits, so, it may be a bit too out of the way for most travelers to venture to, but still…I’d give it a shot. It’s not what you’d call a palace of atmosphere, but they serve a good Torta for a good price.


WHAT SHOULD I GET?: Well, doy…what else do you think you’re going to get here.

By way of comparison to Cook’s Tortas, they’re not too bad. I liked the fillings at Cook’s, but the Bread at Tortas Mexico was damn good, really damn good. I ordered the Chorizo Torta (Mexican Sausage), and yes, I probably tasted a touch more bread than meat in my sandwich at times, but…that totally doesn’t count as far as a strike against. It was good. Pair that with a Mexican Coke, and a good time was had by all.

The Carne Torta at Tortas Mexico in Pasadena.

IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP, PEOPLE: You just gotta work to get there. It’s not in the most obvious part of town, so it’s a two or three block walk (toward the 210 Freeway) to get over there. Just know that going in.


PARKING: Oy. Uh. Hmm…

There is some street parking around the location of the restaurant, but I’d bet that those spaces are gone by the time you’ll get there. The lot across the street from the Container Store (aka the old Pasadena City Hall) is probably closest. But consult our Pasadena Parking Guide for more details.


Tortas Mexico
90 N. Fair Oaks Ave.
Pasadena, CA 91103

Tel: (626) 432-4887

Daily: 8:00 am – 10:00 pm