Is It Any Good?

Straight ahead Americana/Diner Food in Alhambra.

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It’s Mother’s Day and I’m hiding.

Why hide? Well, it’s getting on to be 13 years since my own Mother passed, and the month of May tends to put me in a cranky-as-hell mood.

But if you’re a Food Blogger, what do you do with that Sunday?  Skip it? What to do if virtually every single lunch place in the known world is going to convert to brunch and serve up happy feelings of Mom?

Try to find a burger and call it a day? Yeah, try to find a burger and call it a day.

Well, there’s one place I’ve been meaning to go, one place that I know has the basics, burger sand sandwiches, and might be…distant from the happy go lucky Mother’s day muss…

That place is…Twohey’s. Longstanding institution of the Alhamb–

Wait a minute. What’s this? Am I seeing a Mother’s Day Brunch? Here?


Okay, I’m here. Let’s do it anyway. Let’s see if I can get in here…and if… (sorry, I’m looking) for a Parking…(still looking)…


Anyway, I’m in. I get a nice spot at the counter and I’m waiting for my burger to arrive (more on that later).

The space is…well, imagine a perfectly preserved Space age, styled spot. Sloped roofs, open, airy, bright. It looks like what we thought the future would look like back in 1943. And it’s not a place like (frankly) Pie and Burger (which I love). It’s spotless. It looks like it’s had some work done to preserve that spotlessness.

It’s also huge. I swear, they’ve got more seats and booths than they have spots in the Parking Lot. (More on that later).

Food wise, it is what it is: Burgers, Fries, Steaks, Salads, and some Breakfast. It’s got a large, multi-page, full color menu that’s the size of one of the tablets Moses brought down from Mount Arat. This is not a place Foodies go, unless they’re dragged by family and friends.

But I’d go. I’m crazy that way. I mean, c’mon. Twohey’s been here like, forever. It must be doing something right. Even if it’s basically a souped up Denny’s with better food and better atmosphere.  Never mind if the best Chinese-Taiwanese food is available just a mile down the road.  Does that mean that Twohey’s holds no value?

It has value. You should come here. I’m not sure it’s a part of the absolute vital Foodie stations of the cross, but for a decent meal? For a place to relax? For something straight ahead, and maybe not overthink it too much?

Yeah, Twohey’s.


WHAT SHOULD I GET?: I got the Steakhouse Bleu Burger and some fries. The Steakhouse Blue come witih Bleu cheese crumbles, wild argula, red onion (for sweetness), Tomato and blue cheese dressing. It’s a pretty much your basic burger, with the pull of brine in one direction and the sweetness of the onion in the other. It comes with a side of fries. Best burger in town? Hardly. But it’s a decent lunch, just like I said.

The Steak and Blue in Alhambra.


IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP, PEOPLE: Twohey’s is a bee hive of activity. Lots and lots of servers running around, very active, all doing stuff. That being said, it does seem, at times, that it’s hard to get their attention at time, or to get a refill of whatever, because everybody’s doing stuff, and it sure ain’t busywork.

Also, there’s the matter of getting in. Twohey’s sits at a corner, and to be honest, there’s really only one way in. The lot it shares with In-N-Out Burger has two entrances/exits, and well…let’s get to the Parking situation…


PARKING: Yeah, about that. Here’s the situation. Parking’s free at Twohey’s, but Twohey’s is a busy place. It shares a lot with an equally busy (if not more-so) In-N-Out. So the Parking Lot is pretty much jammed packed…all…the…time. It’s a tight space, with one way in (off N. Stoneman), and a second way out (off Atlantic). Forget about entering off Atlantic, since that’s mostly about the Drive-Thru at In-N-Out. And forget about leaving off Atlantic as well, because of the Drive-Thru line.

Granted, it is Mother’s Day, so it might be more jam packed than normal, but…expect a bit of a fight to find a parking spot. The spot is pretty spacious, and it’s free to get in…but like I said, it’s a busy, busy place.


Twohey’s Restaurant
1224 N. Atlantic Blvd.
Alhambra, CA 91801

Tel: (626) 284-7387

Sunday-Thursday: 7:00 am – 11:00 pm
Friday-Saturday: 7:00 am – 12:00 am