Is It Any Good?

Tacos…in…Pasadena? (Read on, you’ll understand my confusion)

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It has taken more than a few weeks of work and diligent research, but I have found my Taco Place. At long last, I can look the world in the eye and say…I (sniffle) am a La Estrella man.

Thank you. Thank you. You’re too kind. This imaginary applause in my head is just…ahhh…overwhelming.

So. Now, that’s it’s official…What do I do now?

This is kind of tough, because after all…I still have, the ever-loyal Is It Any Good Audience to think about. So it’s a little tough to go to your favorite Taco place over and over again, when you need to kept your website up and fed.

So…we…go…to…other La Estrella locations?

Yeah. We go to other La Estella locations. Highland Park, Orange Grove, Fair Oaks


Wait. Didn’t I already do Pasadena?

When one writes about Pasadena, one could be forgiven for writing about “Two Pasadenas”.


Could be, but shouldn’t.


There are all kinds of Pasadenans, Rich and Poor, Mexican, Black, Armenian, increasingly Chinese and Asian. There are many facets to the town, though most sightseers tend to stick to Colorado and Old Town.

Hold up, wait a minute. (Cue Record Scratch)

Well, now that I think about it…is this place the same place as the other La Estrellas?

I mean, the sign on the door says Viva Tacos La Estrella.

But the menu seems about the same…especially compared to the Highland Park.

So…is this La Estrellas?

Ehhh…I’m not sure. It’s not as nice as the one on Orange Grove, or as festive as the one in Highland Park. But it’s in the ballpark…

I think…


WHAT SHOULD I GET?: As usual, I pursued Al Pastor Tacos with a vengeance.

Al Pastor...uh, meat with Rice and Beans at the other La Estrella in Pasadena.

Of course, whenever I get to the counter, and order Al Pastor anything, I hold my breath. Usually because by the time I get there, whenever that is, they’re usually out of Al Pastor Meat.

So I settle, and die just a little inside.

This time…at this place was…weirder.

I didn’t get a plate of perfectly prepared Tacos like I would at…well, La Estrella. I got a plate with some meat, and some warm Tortillas and I was expected to make my own way from there. And it was fine, but…nothing I need to write home about…or…even…necessarily…come back here for.


IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP, PEOPLE: As soon as you figure out what this place is, is it part of La Estrella, is it separate, the better.

Also…gotta say…not the most attractive of restaurants. Not totally filthy or anything, but…no place you want to bring a date to…unless you get a flat tire right outside.


PARKING: Easy enough. Viva Tacos La Estrella is a part of a strip mall, and it has plenty of free parking…not that anyone is in a hurry to come to this particular strip mall. Failing that, you can park on Foothill or Altadena. Either way, you’re finding parking.

The other La Estrella in Pasadena.

Viva Tacos La Estrella
2525 E. Foothill Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91107

Tel: (626) 584-9815

Daily: Open 24 hours.