Is It Any Good?

A Taco Stand with a James Beard award behind it…in Los Feliz.

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Amazing. I’ve been here ten seconds and already screwed up.

I think my first trip here to Yuca’s started with at least two trips around the block looking for parking, and of course, Yuca’s sitting on a free parking like they share with Hillhurst Liquors.

What are you talking about?? OF COURSE I’VE ALREADY PUT MONEY INTO THE METER!!

Too late now.

Might as well go get my Taco on.

Now, Yuca’s…as you may have already heard…is a Taco Stand in Los Angeles.

A James Beard award winning Taco Stand in Los Angeles.IMG_0517-Edit

Heh. How many times does THAT happen?

I hope you know that just because it’s won a James Beard award, doesn’t mean they’re the greatest Tacos…like…ever. There are as many recipes and styles for Tacos as there are stars in the sky. And just because the James Beard people (who might not necessarily live in L.A.) think this is the greatest Taco ever, doesn’t mean it is the greatest Taco ever. Ya get me?

Now, at the same time, don’t get me wrong. Yuca’s serves up a damn fine Taco, as well as Tortas and all manner of other Mexican treats.

Yuca’s is worth your time.

Yuca’s is worth a visit…or two…or three.

Yuca’s has all the hallmarks of a great Los Angeles joint. It’s in a neighborhood you’ve barely heard of (even if you live in Los Angeles), it’s got not a trace of Hollywood, you won’t see any celebrities, or fancy cars. The stand itself looks like it hasn’t been kept up since the seventies. In fact, it’s been so long, I don’t even think they’re bothering to tape up the tears and rips in their stools. When you get your food, which you will enjoy, you will be sitting on rickety, kinda cheap plastic seats with beat up metal tables.


And you will enjoy yourself, as these are the hallmarks of quality.

Whether or not this is the best Taco Stand in Los Angeles is…for me…in doubt, but it’s real good. If you go in knowing that this is one of the best Taco stands in L.A. (which it is), you will have a great time.


WHAT SHOULD I GET?: I decided right then and there, that today was the day I was going to have my first Torta.IMG_0518-Edit

What is a Torta, well it’s a culinary word that has different meanings all over the world, but in Mexico, it’s a sandwich, and a good one. I figured I’d be in good hands with Yuca’s making me my first Torta.

So I ordered up the Cochinita Pibil which is a Torta filled with stewed Yucatan style Pork on a Telera Roll with beans, mayo, chipotle salsa, lettuce, avocado and of course, Yuca’s Special Salsa.

Oh man that was good.

So good in fact, that the two Pork Tacos I had afterward: the Carnitas and the Cochinita Pibil Taco kinda paled in comparison. The Carnitas is a straight ahead grilled pork Taco. The Cochinita Pibil is made with the same stewed Yucatan style Pork I had with the Torta. For some reason, I didn’t like it as much. I mean, I liked it. I might even have it again, but my main aim next time is for the Torta and the Carnita Taco, maybe even a Carne Asada.


IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP, PEOPLE: You know I came with cash, I paid with cash, but wasn’t entirely certain if they took Credit Cards or not. I just checked with Yelp. They do.

Other than that, check on the Parking.


PARKING: So as I said, I was an idiot, and paid for a meter across the street, when I could have parked in the lot they share with Hillhurst Liquors for free. Now, getting a space in said lot could be a bit of crapshoot, but I say give it a try. Turnover at Yuca’s is pretty quick. A lot of the customers are there picking up deliveries and going, not that many stay to eat. I did, but not that many.


Yuca’s Taco Stand (Los Feliz)
2056 Hillhurst Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Tel: (323) 662-1214

Monday-Saturday: 11:00 am – 6:00 pm
Sunday: Closed