Is It Any Good?

Santa Anita’s Ramen event is back.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This event is over, but it will be back next year.

The 2015 Ramen Yokocho Festival was this past weekend. Food and fun for all at the infield of the Santa Anita Racetrack.

Ramen Yokocho 2015

If you’d like our complete review of the event from 2014 is available by clicking here. Very few things changed from last years shindig.

One thing that did change was the amount of places that were taking Ramen Tickets and the amount that were not. Basically, like last year, if you want to get some Ramen, you have to buy a red Ramen Ticket for $8.50 at multiple stands throughout the event. You get in a line. You had said red ticket to the vendor, and you get yourself a bowl. Simple and easy right?

Ramen Yokocho 2015

Well, for one thing the temperature was just as hot as it was last year, so you’re slurping up admittedly delicious Ramen on a blisteringly hot day, in the hottest part of the racetrack. A lot of people were wishing they’d find a way to move this event to the evening, but since Santa Anita seems to want it to be a part of the Tokyo Cup and Japan Family day festivities, I don’t know if that’s going to happen.

Ramen Yokocho 2015

Also, it’s very important that you do not spend all your money on Ramen Tickets.

Let me repeat, do not spend all your money on Ramen Tickets.

Ramen Yokocho 2015
Ramen Yokocho 2015

Look, as good as it is, you’re going to want more than just Ramen (like Beer for instance). They ain’t taking Ramen Tickets at the Kirin or Sapporo stands. They only take cold hard cash. The Red Tickets are not refundable, so I’d consider buying them one bowl at a time even if it means standing in more lines.

Ramen Yokocho 2015

Don’t do what I did. I bought three Ramen Tickets thinking the bowls would only be so and so sized, and…I was wrong. Way wrong. I had to come back for the second day’s festivities to cash in my last ticket.

Ramen Yokocho 2015

I think the average person is going to be able to nail full two bowls by themselves. And there’s like 11 stands at work, so…you’re not going to be able to try everything. The best way to take down this event is to come with friends, and share.

Ramen Yokocho 2015

Yes, share. I know that seems impossible in the moment, when you’re stomach’s empty, and you think it can take on the world, but trust me. Two bowls. That’s all you’re doing.

If you want to try other things, Gyoza, Fried Squid, Rice Balls, Japanese Pizza, Beer, you need cash for this…as well as Stomach room. Like with the 626 Night Market. Bring about $5 to park, $5 to get into the Event, and $40 to eat and drink. Bring more if you want more beer or alcohol, but that’s what you should expect.

Ramen Yokocho 2015


PARKING: Not bad of course. Santa Anita Park has a ridiculously big Parking Lot, so…getting a space is not a problem. How far is that space from the door, and can you remember where you car is afterward, that’s going to be your problem.

Before you get out of your car, make sure you orient yourself as to your environment. See what part of the Santa Mall you’re closest to. Use the Auto Park or G-Park Apps on your iPhone.


First Time All US Ramen Championship
285 W Huntington Dr.
Arcadia, CA 91007

Ramen price: $8.50/Bowl (flat)

Santa Anita Park Admission
Entry fee: $5.00 Parking :$5.00
Under 17 years “FREE ADMISSION”

March 28th and 29th