About Is It Any Good?

Whenever I have visitors coming to Los Angeles, friends, family, colleagues, I would inevitably send them a list of things to do, places to eat, etc. I would do this every time for every visit.

Then I remembered there was this thing called the Internet, and I started to wonder…why am I doing this over and over again?

Is It Any Good was started to replace those lists. Think of it as a SoCal Instruction Manual.

This site is not trying to outdo places like Urbanspoon, Zagats or Yelp.  I’m a proud user of all three.  Is It Any Good is just trying to fill in the gaps of where those sites fall short…at least for me. Is It Any Good is Southern California specific. It is places that I, or other authors have been to, and have visited themselves. That way, we can give you the skinny on how to get there, what to get, and (more importantly) where the heck to park.

There’s a quick tutorial on how use the site, author bios, and how to contact me.  But there is a comments section allowing folks to directly express their feelings on various places to eat, see and drink at.

So please feel free to explore the information on this site as you need, and enjoy Southern California as I do.


Malcolm Johnson

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