Photo Credits

90% Photographs on this site are the property of Is It Any Good? For those photos, that means I, your humble publisher took ‘em. All rights are hereby reserved throughout the Universe in perpetuity.

(Can you tell I work with Lawyers on a daily basis?)

Now, while I own the photographs and maintain all rights to them, I certainly don’t own the Trademarked images being photographed. Those are the property of the respective Restaurants, Bars, etc., that are depicted on the site.

Also, I did use some City Seals, Posters, Logos and emblems on the site. News flash, they’re not mine. I didn’t design ’em. I don’t own ’em.

The photos were taken in public areas, and hopefully aren’t revealing anything in the trade secrets. The intention is just to point readers in the right direction. If you want to request that a particular photo be taken down, I’m amenable to that request…but unless it’s to suggest a replacing it with a better photograph (which I can try to do), my inclination will be to talk really, really, really bad about you for asking me to take down that photograph.  After all, you shouldn’t use a Photo as a means of silencing a bad review…which does happen on this site.

There are a few photos from various News Orgs.  Where I can, I always make an effort to accredit the Photographer, but that’s not always possible.  For those photos, I am willing to remove those if wished by the Photographer or owner of the image.


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