“The water did have a funny taste…” and we all know this can’t end well.


Yeah, I got nothin’:

The guests at the Cecil Hotel in downtown Los Angeles were concerned about the water. There was weak pressure in the bathroom taps and showers, and a flood in one of the rooms on the fourth floor. “The water did have a funny taste,” said a British guest, Sabrina Baugh. “When you turned the tap on, the water was coming black first for two seconds and then it was going back to normal.” Baugh and her husband had been staying at the Cecil for over a week. “We thought it was just the way it was here,” she later told CNN.


But when one of the Baugh’s fellow residents complained on Tuesday, a maintenance worker was sent to investigate, and in one of the four large, metal water towers on the roof, he made a gruesome discovery: the body of a young woman, lying at the bottom of the tank. The body was soon identified as that of 21-year-old Elisa Lam, a Canadian student, who had been missing for three weeks. The cause of death, said LAPD Sergeant Rudy Lopez, remained uncertain. Foul play had not been ruled out, nor had the possibility of “a very, very strange accident”.

But we did have someone arrested today for doing Nude Yoga in public…in West Covina.

8997030_448x252More from our department of weird (or typically Los Angeles):

An 18-year-old woman was arrested for doing yoga in the buff at a West Covina park.


The incident occurred at Cortez Park, located at 599 South Citrus Ave., on Sunday.


Witnesses who called 911 said the female suspect, later identified as Eleanor Ferrer, began stripping down in public around 10:40 a.m.


When responding officers arrived at the park, they found Ferrer fully nude. She was booked on suspicion of indecent exposure.

How could anyone think this was a good idea?

Driving around Woodland Hills not to long ago, and I saw…well…this:

Racist Sign Woodland Hills

I can only assume that Woodland Hills doesn’t have a large Asian population, because…I didn’t know that a major Metropoltian area would ever find this acceptable, but…here we are.

Just in time for the Holidays…Candy Canes flavored with…Sriracha.

Just in time for the Holidays…Candy Canes flavored with…Sriracha.

Yes, the Sriracha flow just never stops, even at Christmas:

J&D Foods, the Seattle-based company that brought you baconnaise, Sriracha popcorn and bacon soda, has just launched Sriracha candy canes for the Christmas season. And if you’re a bacon fan, there’s a new bacon deodorant, too.


“There’s a reason Santa comes down your chimney – he likes it hot!” writes J&D Foods on its website.


The candy canes look just like the usual ones with the red, green and white stripes, but these have the fiery kick of Sriracha. The company suggests crushing them up, then serving them over ice cream or using them as a holiday cocktail stirrer.


We’re thinking Sriracha fanatics will have no problem finding ways to eat them. But the company does warn against crushing the canes into powder and snorting it up your nose. Not exactly the first thing you think of when you see these, but apparently, the warning is for insurance purposes.


A box of 12 individually wrapped candy canes sells for $7.99. They are available at Cost Plus World Market, Urban Outfitters and ThinkGeek.com.

Jenn Harris of the L.A. Times.

And if you want some (God help you), these Candy Canes can be acquired here.