Fancy Cars

Fancy Cars

This being the center of the Entertainment Industry, you of course are sharing the road with a lot of very wealthy people. And these very wealthy people have a lot of expensive toys on the road.

You will see some incredibly fancy cars on the road, and incredibly large cars on the road. If you go into Beverly Hills, this number will only double.

In my experience, seeing any make or model of Mercedes-Benz or BMW coupled with a USC Trojans License Plate frame is a danger sign, a mark of anti-quality. These people have a very entitled chip on their shoulder and are not afraid to show it off. In my experience they are more rude, more thoughtless and more self-absorbed than the average Angeleno, thus driving next to them makes a tricky situation already trickier.

What to do about it? Nothing, unless you want to see us collectively slide into a Mad Max style dystopian apocalyptic future, where every one’s ride comes standard with rocket launchers and 60mm machine guns. This is just a warning, a tip to be aware…because odds are, the fancier the car, the more entitled the driver inside feels, and thus the more reckless he or she will drive.

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