L.A. is known for nothing if not its Freeways. Too bad they suck.

Listen you have plenty of Freeway Access to get you virtually anywhere you want to go, provided you’re not necessarily in a hurry to get there.

L.A. Freeways do have Ramp Meters, which regulate the flow of traffic onto the Freeways. L.A. was the first place I’d ever seen them used. Be mindful of them, as well as how many cars can go per green. A lot of people in SoCal apparently can’t count.

And it’s not like we don’t have an Explosion of Names and Numbers to remember 5, 405, 101, 110, 2, or anything.

If you want to know how the Freeways work in Los Angeles, there’s a helpful guide on Wikipedia:

But the key ones to remember are:

The 2: which runs North and South from Glendale to Silver Lake.
The 5: which runs North and South through California, but angling through Eastern L.A.
The 10: which runs East and West through Downtown L.A. ending in Santa Monica
The 101: which runs kinda North/South, except through San Fernando Valley where it runs East/West before running North/South again. It’s weird, but then again, so is L.A.
The 134: which runs East and West starting in North Hollywood, and ending in Pasadena where it miraculously turns into the 210.
The 210: Magically appears where the 134 mysteriously ends, and keeps running Westward.
The 405 which runs North and South though Southern California, and I believe was built to compensate for the 5 in Western Los Angeles.

For the record, these Freeways intersect, and the intersection of the 405 and 101 regularly ranks in the top ten of the worst intersections in the world…

Not in America…in the world.

The main tips I can give you? Well, for one, stick to Google Maps. And two, basically take however long you think it would take you to get to a place normally, and add an hour to it. Not that any single trip will be that bad, but today could be the day you run into a traffic apocalypse, and you don’t want it to be the day of the big meeting at the studio.

The one good thing about the Freeways? They tend to circle around neighborhoods, so odds are, if you’re looking for something in a particular neighborhood and you cross over or under a Freeway, odds are you left that neighborhood, so turn around…


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