Public Transportation

You’re joking, right? This is L.A. Everybody drives in L.A.

There is a fine system of buses throughout the city and outlying valleys. The system in the San Fernando Valley is even better as there have been express roads built specifically for Express Buses. They’re a nice substitute for the Metro Lines that haven’t been built yet.

The Metro System is pretty good, and getting better, but it doesn’t go everywhere yet. If you want to go Downtown, it’s really a good option (especially with Parking costing what it costs). The Gold Line does hit Pasadena, but you’ll need another Taxi or Bus to the get to the good stuff.

Of course, life would be a lot easier if L.A. had a public transportation system to rival New York’s, or Chicago’s…or even D.C.’s, but we don’t. The city is too spread out, build on too unstable ground to sustain the things those cities do.

Seriously, do you think it’s a good idea to build an underground or an over ground Subway in a city that’s prone to sudden Earthquakes?

Seriously, though. Get a car. Rent a car if you have to.  In spite of the traffic, its just easier.


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