I feel the need to warn you that despite the fact that it is Southern California, and it is beautiful, it does rain here at times. The problem is, the natives have no idea what to do when it does.

If you’ve been brought up (like me) in places with actual inclement weather, then you know what to do: ease up off the gas, pump the brakes, go really, really easy for the first fifteen minutes of the downpour to let the oils on the street wash away.

The Drivers in SoCal, on top of their many other faults, don’t do this. If it starts raining, they go crazy.  In other words, they don’t change their behavior a lick. They either drive like they always drive…like bats out of hell, or they drive like the road and their cars were suddenly made of glass.

Another way to think of it is, SoCal Natives drive in rain like East Coasters drive in Ice.

I can say it doesn’t ice up in SoCal at all, so I am relieved to know I’ll never know what Angelenos drive like in ice.


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