Your Fellow Drivers

Face facts, your fellow Driver suck at what they do, and don’t give two@#$% about you.

Just keepin’ it real here. The average California Driver is capable of doing anything at any time for any reason. Signaling? Completely optional, and usually only done in the middle of the act of turning. Why? Because for the average Angeleno, whenever they are behind the wheel, driving is of secondary concern.

No, I’m not kidding.

Consider how much time the average Angeleno spends in their car. In fact, they go into their cars, prepared for the worst…and by worst, I mean heavy L.A.-style traffic, which you will get caught in sooner rather than later. Thus, they get into their car with plenty of drinks, CDs, Phones and other bric-a-brac to entertain themselves while they’re stuck where they’re stuck.

The problem is, I’m afraid the average Angeleno likes to play with these things even when the traffic is light, and their driving reflects it. They’re doing their hair. They’re sending a text. Hell, they’re even shaving. They’re doing stuff that has very little to do with the operation of a motor vehicle.

No matter what the reasons, remember the key point, they are capable of doing anything at any time for any reason.


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